Friday, October 31, 2008

Cargo Love

Lipstick Powder and Paint is giving away an amazing gift of Cargo Cosmetics. Cargo Cosmetics is an amazing and innovative cosmetics company that was founded in Canada. They have won many awards for their many innovative packaging ideas such as Plant Love which is a lipstick in a biodegradable container that contains seeds that you can plant, once the lipstick is finished.

What is up for grabs to one luck winner is an All about Eyes Gift Basket. This basket includes:

- Color Palette in Toronto

- Color Palette in Bermuda

- Warm Essential Palette

- Wet/Dry EyeLining Palette

- Liquid Liner

- EyeLighter in Gold

- TexasLash Mascara

- Better-than Waterproof Mascara

- Lip Gloss Duo in Soho

- The Reverse Lip Liner

This is a value of $236!

Click here to enter!!

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