Friday, October 17, 2008

Etsy is Cutsey!

In celebration of her 400th post (or rather a belated celebration) Kathleen aka Coffee Mom is offering this amazing giveaway! I don't know if you guys know about the site Etsy but it is another awesome time waster...(ahha I really should be studying ) but its a site dedicated to helping artists and crafters show their talent to the world and sell it. I love going on there to see the innovation and talent that I wish I could have....but for now I guess I will have to settle with buying from Etsy.

Anyways Coffee Mom is giving away your choice of anything from Lillyella's Etsy shop! I love it when we have a choice in prizes! But I checked out Lillyella's jewelry and I was shocked, not only at how beautiful the pieces were and how they evoked thoughts of spring but the prices!! Nothing was over $25!!!

I seriously would be torn if I won this contest...I couldn't choose between

The Champagne Pearls

Or the Spring Morning Necklace
Actually I would want them all!! They are just that beautiful and that affordable too! =)

Click here to enter!!

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