Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just Starting Out

Hi guys!

I hope you have been enjoying the giveaways that I have been featuring so far! The idea to start this blog came to me when I saw this amazing giveaway and I couldn't enter because it was too late, and the sad thing was that not many people entered so the chances of me wining could have been pretty high! I realized that if there was a source that could inform me of awesome giveaways maybe I would be lucky enough to win something.

I have also decided that instead of simply being a blog dedicated to finding out amazing giveaways, I also want to include content that I am interested in such as beauty and fashion. So feel free to swing by and leave me any messages regarding cool giveaways or even just to say hi!


Anonymous said...

aww he's so cute~~

Erica said...

Ooo what kind of dog is he?

Nicole said...

aww thanks! =)
He's a westie!!
Like the dogs in the Maggie dog food commercial! <3