Wednesday, October 15, 2008

MAC goes to India

I one day stumbled upon the most amazing beauty blog a Beautyful Sentiment and I immediately became hooked! It is run by Jen and she puts all my make up to shame! She has the most amazing products and tests them all for us to see and gives great advice on application and what products to buy. I also love this blog because I can see what the makeup looks like on Asian skin and it is such a great help!
Jen is giving away a super limited edition MAC Manish Arora lipglass! I love the pretty colour of this lipglass and how it just can see what it looks like by checking out Jen's review. I love MAC's lipglasses but I love the packaging on this limited edition collaberation with top Indian designer Manish Arora! Sadly the website is sold out and I'm pretty sure most stores are too! So this is your chance to nab one to be the envy of all your friends!

Click here to enter!


zhuxiaonuan said...
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zhuxiaonuan said...

are you chinese ?

Don't use ultrasound gel is danger

Nicole said...

yes I am =)

*Jen* said...

Thanks for featuring my giveaway and for writing such sweet things about my Nicole!! <3 I'm adding you to my blogroll so that I can keep myself updated on all these fab giveaways! =)

Nicole said...

Aww anytime! And plus you always have awesome giveaways! And I'm just stating the obvious about your blog =) aww thanks so much for adding me on your blogroll =)<3