Saturday, October 18, 2008

The More People Enter the More Chances to Win!

Head over to Anatasia's Ball of String to enter her exciting giveaway of make-up that is only sold in the UK.

Here is what she is offering up as prizes:

1st Place: All 3 Sleek iDivine Eyeshadow Palettes ($30 value), in Chaos, Storm and Original

Runners Up: 1 Barry M Dazzle Dust ($9 value) of your choice, OR 1 Sleek iDivine Palette ($9).

And her giveaway is a bit different from most conventional giveaways in that the more people who enter, the more prizes will be given out!! For every 15 entries she will give away one runner up gift, so that means if there are 60 entries she will give out 4 runner up prizes!! So tell everyone you know to enter so that more people can experience awesome make-up from the UK!!

Click here to enter!

(And thanks to Jen from A Beautyful Sentiment for telling about this! )

1 comment:

*Jen* said...

awww you're very welcome nicole! happy to be able to add to your great list of giveaways here!

and now that i have you on my blogroll i can have easy access and be sure to not miss a single giveaway =)