Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pretty Pictures

Do you have hundreds of digital pictures from your last vacation, but have no clue how to display them? An Ordinary Life has an answer to your delima! They are giving away an amazing Sony Digital Picture Frame!

This picture frame is the perfect way to showcase all your amazing pictures on a nine-inch LCD screen which can be propped upright on a table or even mounted on the wall. I love how easy it is to transfer pictures onto this frame because you can directly insert your digital camera card into the frame, bypassing having to transfer it to your computer and then transferring it again to the frame. It has many other cool features such as slide show viewing, clock/calender modes and even wireless Bluetooth! The best thing is that you can store up to a thousand of your favor tie images on here!

Click here to enter!


Ms. Florida Transplant said...

Hello - you won a contest on my blog! Please email me with what prize package you'd like. (see blog for details)

Nicole said...

Oh yay thanks so much!! And thanks for following my blog!! =)