Thursday, October 16, 2008

You Clean Up Well

Americans probably don't know about Holt Renfrew since it is only in Canada, but it is this amazing high end store. They recently revamped and reopened the Vancouver branch, and it is heaven! Three floors of amazing designer goods and favorite kind of store =)

This giveaway is for the guys, or even enter for that special someone in your life ;) and sadly only open to Canadians since there are no Holts in the US =(, but hey I guess you have to settle with Saks or Bloomingdales =P

Up for grabs is a Isaia package complete with suit, shirt and tie and it is worth up to $4000!!! I don't know suits because I'm not a guy, but I sure do appreciate a good looking guy in a nice looking suit. I don't know but suits just make a guy look that much more desirable! =)

Click here to enter!!


*Jen* said...

OMG that is the cutest little doggy photo I have ever seen!! Is that a Westie I see?

Nicole said...

ahhha yes!! Not many people know that breed!! =)
awww your puppy is so cute!! what's its name?? It's so tiny! =)

*Jen* said...

nicole i used to have a westie and they're just the best dogs!

my yorkie is named chloe! she used to get featured on the blog a lot but not so much lately =D

Nicole said...

ahha he is so adorable! =) can't wait for Halloween....although I have a feeling he won't be too happy about dressing up!!! Awww I was going to say I would love to see Chloe back up on your blog...but I can see you put up a picture of her! Glad to see that she's back!!