Thursday, November 27, 2008

You'll be a Maneater in this Dress

Maneater Threads are partnering up with Instyle to offer two winners the dress that Heidi Klum wore, that was designed by Project Runway Designer Rami Kashou!

This amazing strapless dress in a very flattering purple will come in handy during all the holiday parties that you have to attend. And although you may not have the model body of Heidi Klum, this dress was designed to flatter all body shapes and sizes!

Click here to enter!!


mommyknows said...

Ha ... there'd be no maneating if I were in that dress. In fact, there's probably a law against it. I'm pretty sure it's the no chubby fat white ladies in maneating dresses law. heehee.

Anonymous said...

I love the dress, I think it's gorgeous!!

Nicole said...

oh mommyknows i'm sure you would look good in it =)

Nicole said...

I love the look of that dress as well!! its so simple yet so chic at the same time!!