Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's Snowing Gift Cards

Now one of my favorite things to recieve guessed it gift cards!! While some people may think that gift cards have no thought put in them I beg to disagree. For one thing my dad giving me a giftcard is very thoughtful because he has no idea what to get me! He would probably get me something I wouldn't use or wouldn't be in my taste! Now I'm singling out my dad (sorry dad!!) but he's not the only person in my life who is missing the awesome gift finding gene and it is not his fault! Some people are just naturally blessed! Secondly I love choosing my own things and gift cards are perfect because they are the closest thing to cold hard cash!!

So you must be wondering...where are the giveaways? Here they are!

Yummies 4 Tummies are giving away $100 in gift cards! They are broken up into gc of $25 dollars each so that means five winners!!

Your $25 gift card choices are:

Barnes & Noble - sometimes nothin’ beats curling up with a good book
Ebay - bid! bid! bid!
Best Buy - thee place for gadgets
Starbucks - mmmm, fill ‘er up, please!
American Express - never leave home without it!

Click here to enter!!

Over at Giveaway Today, they are giving away a $100 Target GC!!! That can buy a lot of great things!! This will go until Friday December the 5th! (Ohh and show me some love and tell thme that Nicole Lum sent you from The Giveaway Diva)

Click here to enter!!

Well over at The Freebie Blogger, they are having a 12 Days of Christmas Gift Card Giveaways! They have 12 - $5 gift cards to the stores shown below: Arby’s, Bath and Body Works, Best Buy, Borders, Chevron, Old Navy, Starbucks, Target, Walgreens, Walmart, Wendy’s and Yankee Candle (Opps! Sorry coffee lovers! Looks like the Starbucks one is gone!)

Click here to enter!!! (You can enter everyday!)

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