Monday, December 22, 2008

Season of Beauty

Sorry for the absence, but I have just been so busy lately! It's so hard trying to find the perfect Christmas presents and it does not help that it has been snowing so much!! I have most of my presents bought and I hope that everyone will like it! I had the most trouble finding something for my boyfriend, because I wanted to get him something perfect! I ended up getting him a cashmere sweater and a polo from Burberry, crossing my fingers and hoping that he enjoys it!

Anyways moving on to the giveaways....there are many giveaways for beauty products going around.

Over at Girl-Women Beauty Brains you can enter to win the amazing Starlite Skin Care Laser! Starlite is the latest development in personal skin rejuvenation products and its many benefits include helping to repair skin damage from past indiscretions and helps speed up blemish removal and reduce scars.

Click here to enter!

With all this makeup you'll need the right tools to apply it so that means you'll need a great brush set! I find that natural hair brushes work much better than their artificial counterparts, and I get an even and better coverage. Purely Cosmetics has a giveaway going on for a set of amazing natural hair brushes with a retail value of $60

Brushes included are:

  • Powder Brush (first cut goat hair);
  • Blush Brush (first cut goat hair);
  • Eye Shadow Brush (first cut pony hair);
  • Concealer Brush (first cut pony hair);
  • Angle Shadow Brush (first cut pony hair);
  • Angle Lip Brush (Taklon);
  • Fan Brush (Taklon);
  • Lip Brush (first cut pony hair);
  • Eyeliner Brush (first cut pony hair);
  • Sponge Shadow Brush

Click here to enter!!

Beautiful Makeup Search is having a giveaway for a Holiday Set from Flirt! Cosmetics! There are 40 amazing eyeshadow shades and the best part is that there are two winners!

Click here to enter!

Head on down to The Beauty of Life where one lucky winner will win the Lancome Juicy Tubes Holiday Gift Set valued at $39.50! The set includes:

  • Juicy Tubes Smoothie -- Spring Fling

  • Juicy Tubes Jelly -- Grand Café Crème Brulee

  • Juicy Tubes Smoothie -- Simmer

  • Juicy Tubes Smoothie -- Fifth Avenue Frosting

  • Juicy Tubes Smoothie -- Ginger Palace

  • Juicy Tubes Smoothie -- Maharani Jewels

  • Juicy Tubes Smoothie -- Pink Horizon

  • Juicy Tubes Smoothie -- Sun Bronze

I love Juicy Tubes they are one of my favorite lipglosses! So click here to enter!


debi said...

Hi sweetie!
Even though I no longer wear makeup (as the eyes get older...they get much more sensitive)...these are great gifts!
thanks for stopping by and playing in tonight's yaya Christmas give away! I will keep my fingers & toes crossed for you...xo..deb

The Muse said...

Sounds like info i need to give to SANTA :)