Monday, July 20, 2009

Beadpassion Review

While browsing through Etsy I chanced upon Beadpassion and was amazed by her creations! What she does is create amazing and very life-like pieces of jewelry and cellphone charms! Seriously when I looked at her pieces I got hungry! I was so amazed that she created all her pieces using clay! I mean clay can be quite hard to work with, but the amazing detail in each piece truly blew me away! I really loved her cupcake jewelry as well as her cute pug ones too! The best part is the great prices! Perfect for gifts or a great and cute way to accessorize your outfit! You can seriously go on a major spending spree without breaking the bank!

Helen was so amazing to send me not only an awesome necklace but a pair of earrings as well! I was in awe when I recieved my items and I really loved the personal touch

that she had with her packaging!

I got this amazing cupcake necklace that looked so real that I wanted to eat it....or at least made me crave a real cupcake! Look at all the amazing details! like the strawberries! I seriously do not know where she gets not only her talent but her patience as well!!

The second item that I reviewed was the Lucite White Petal Earings. They were nice and light and very flirty! I really loved all the movement that the earrings hand and they had such a nice feel to them as well.

Like all the goodies that I recieved from Helen? Well stay tunned for a giveaway from her comming up this week....and to get you even more excited there will be more than one winner! =)

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I love the cupcake stuff...and the orchard piece. I have also blogged about your giveaway....and became a follower of the beadpassion on etsy.