Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bella Luccè Review

I recently was sent the Manuka Honey Drizzle to review from the amazing all natural body care line Bella Lucce! I really loved the concept behind this company and the long journey founder Lela Barker had in creating the line. It was scary to read how prompted by her sister’s diagnosis of breast tumors while only in her twenties, Lela had discovered that a common cosmetic preservative was mimicking estrogen in women’s bodies, leading to the potential development of breast tumors. After realizing that everything from her shampoo and body lotion contained these ingredients she promptly dumped everything out. The lack of boring and healthy products in the health food stores was all the inspiration she needed to start making her own skin care products from her kitchen. While going through a divorce, Lela wanted a way to provide for her family while also being able to stay at home with them and the idea of creating a natural skincare line seemed like the perfect option. And thus Bella Lucce was born. And Lela has found much success for what was a small hobby she shared with her family and friends has now snowballed into a successful company that has an extensive collection of body care products that is used in spas, salons and natural wellness centers in forty-eight states and more than a dozen countries worldwide.

I really love how Bella Lucce truly sticks to their ideals, ones that Lela came up with while slowly building Bella Lucce from the ground up. They refuse to go the commercial route and each and every product from Bella Lucce is lovingly handmade in their production kitchen. They have responsible sourcing of ingredients so you know that people are not being exploited in the making of their products and they donate many of their proceeds back to indigenous communities from which they source their materials from. I also love how they reduce the packing material and there is no secondary packaging such as boxes and the plastic containers contain recycled plastic.

The Manuka Honey Drizzle that was sent to me is from the Bath Luxuries line of skincare and it is according to their website “A delicious bath elixir designed to gently exfoliate and nourish, softening skin and encouraging brisk cell turnover for a head-to-toe radian complexion”. I learned that they used a special honey, Manuka honey which a rare variety of honey which is only harvested in New Zealand. This special honey is universally celebrated for not only its restorative but antibacterial properties which means that it is perfect for sensitive skin! They have also included a unique blend of citrus extracts and pure essential oils. When I received the Manuka Honey Drizzle, I was pleasantly surprised by just how large the product was! They really do not skimp on this product and I love it! That means many, many soothing bath times with this product. I also was so in love with the packaging and the innovative idea of using a wooden dispenser shaped like a honeycomb! How cute is that?? When I opened the lid I was so in love with the smell! I just sat there and sniffed the product for a minute or two it was so yummy I wanted to eat it! I couldn’t wait to test out this product so into the bath I went! I did what the instructions outlined and put some drizzle into my bath and then used the honeycomb to spread some on my face. It really made my bath water smell delicious and my body and face did have a great glow afterwards not to mention the great smell! I have been using this for about a week and I hardly made a dent in the jar!

Bella Lucce is truly an up and coming beauty brand with a band of loyal followers who have gone the natural route and refuse to go back. They have been featured in many magazines such as Star, Life and Style and Allure Magazine. They have also made appearances in many awards shows such as: The SAG Awards, The Billboard Music Awards and The Cannes Film Festival! Having any one of their amazing products it is easy to see why they were named the 2007 Indie Beauty Business of the Year! You’ll also be happy to hear that Lela got her happy ending and is now happily married to her high school sweetheart, with whom she reunited after more than a decade! Sounds like a fairytale come true!

If you love the sound of the Manuka Honey Drizzle you will jump up and down when you find out that I will be featuring them in a giveaway later this week! So definitely watch out for that! In the meantime go onto Bella Lucce’s website and check out their other amazing lines of skin and body care!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

And to think the FDA approved the use of such cosmetic "treatments"! How DO those FDA employees sleep at night!? Thanks for this information...both the FDA info and Bella Lucce.

The Giveaway Diva said...

I know what you mean!! very frightening to think that all these harmful chemicals and ingredients are being allowed to be used in products we use every single day! That's why I love products like this and featuring these companies who embrace healthy living!

PS: don't forget to enter my giveaway for it! =)