Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shinning Stones Review

Shinning Stones is an amazing etsy shop that specializes in what else…shiny stones. Creator Ellie was kind enough to send me the amazing Room for Squares Ring to review, which is an amazing aqua blue glowing hemimorphite square which is wrapped with permanently dyed, anti-tarnish gold coloured wire. It is easy to see why this ring is Ellie’s best seller because the colour alone draws you in. I loved the great combination of blue and gold and really felt that the gold brought out the warm undertones of blue within this ring. I have worn this ring for about two weeks now and I have received many compliments on the ring and its unique colour and shape. Doesn’t it remind you of a piece of gum? I have not only worn it dressed up, but dressed down as well and it has survived the hectic nature of my life. It is a ring that you don’t have to worry about banging up, because trust me it is so durable! When I first got the ring, I would always be wary when I hit it against something, always checking to see if it has caused the ring to chip or to be scratched but it has not yet. If gold is not your thing or you have a lot of silver jewelry in your collection, this ring can also be made in sterling silver wire. Even though most of my jewelry is silver, I want to branch out and try new things so that is why I went with the gold. Plus it looked pretty good mixed in with my silver pieces and other silver rings that I wore alongside it.

I love Ellie’s great selection of wire wrapped rings and it has been so convenient for me since I have such a hard time finding rings that will fit. Most rings are way too large and it really makes me sad, so having a ring personally made to fit your finger especially if you have a less than conventional sizing is great. Ellie really utilizes amazing looking stones and the selection and variation of designs (233 items up for sale!) she has stocked is truly mouth watering. Although she has 145 rings up for sale on her etsy site that is not the only thing she designs, she also makes yummy bracelets, earrings and necklaces but really she has the most selection of wire wrapped gemstone rings I have seen on Etsy, so she is your go to girl for rings!

So click here to view Ellie’s amazing designs and if you are drooling over the amazing ring that I got, stay tuned because you will have an opportunity to win the exact same ring I received later this week!

Here are some other amazing designs:

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