Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Charm Factory Review

As a child I have always loved charm bracelets and I had one with cheap plastic flowers! I swear I loved that bracelet to death and I was so devistated when it broke and my mom made me take it off! Well I am much older now and while my tastes have changed I definetly am still in love with charm bracelets! I guess the idea of being able to express myself through adorable and sparkly charms will never go out of fashion, at least not in my books!

Today's review comes courtesy of an amazing company: Charm Factory! Charm Factory specializes in charm bracelets with over a thousand amazing charms in sterling silver!! That's right they only use sterling silver in their charms and bracelets so you will never have to worry about the quality of your bracelet. Angie was so amazing and she let me choose out my own bracelet as well as eight charms!!! I seriously felt like a kid in a candy store!

I swear it was the hardest thing to be able to choose my charms because I seriously loved every single charm that they had! And with the large variety of charms on their site it was no easy task being able to narrow it down, but in the end I did! My favorite category by far was the Charms with Crystals!! As you may know from my previous posts I love me some bling bling! And if you didn't know that you do now!! They also have other amazing categories such as Animals and Pets; Beach Charms; Clothing and Accessories; and so much more!! Seriously if you can think of a charm that you like, there is a great chance that Charm Factory will have it! I also really love how they describe each charm in great detail, including the weight and the measurements of the charm so that you can factor it in when you are building your own charm bracelet!

Angie who was my contact at Charm Factory was such a sweetheart! There was some weird mixup at the post office and they were charging me a huge duty fee so Angie kindly sent it back to me! At first I was afraid of letting her know, but she is a testiment to the customer service that you will recieve at Charm Factory!

My charm bracelet had the following charms:

Pink Swarovski Crystal Baby Shoe Charm

I love each and every charm and it looks so chic! I have gotten a lot of compliments and everyone loves the bunny (which is my favorite) because he moves!! It has a great weight and not too heavy but you can tell that this is really made of Sterling Silver and not just plated in it! I love how the bracelet is easily adjustable because I have very small wrists and hands so that it won't slip off! I have worn this a lot and I love looking at all the charms dangling on my arm! Also they help put the charms on secure jump rings so that your charms won't fall out!! The charms are so affordable and all of them are under $20 so it would make a perfect present for all occasions whether it be for birthdays or graduations!

Charm Factory toally made my day with thier charm bracelets and with so much great selection there are charms for everyone! Young or old!

Love charm bracelets and my review?? Well one super duper lucky reader will get to win their very own charm bracelet!! But you have to wait!! The giveaway will be up in the next few days! =)

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