Saturday, October 17, 2009

Exciting Way to Earn Free Jewelry from!!!

As some of you know I had a giveaway for amazing jewelry back on my blog sometime ago. I just got an email from them talking about their amazing new initiative:'s Free Jewelry Loyalty Reward Program!!!

The great thing is that everyone is allowed to participate so even if you live far far away from the states you can still join!! I really want to share this with my readers because it is so easy to gain points that you are guaranteed to get at least one piece of jewelry absolutely free, and I love my free things! All you need to do is make an account and there are so many awesome and easy ways to earn points! Here are the ways to earn points:

I love how you can earn a point for every dollar you spend!!! That means that you can get even more bang for your buck and even more importantly more amazing jewelry for your money!

Also if you are a blogger you can blog about this amazing program and get 30 gold points!!! That means you are automatically able to recieve a peice of amazing jewelry!!!

Additional Ways to Earn Reward Points: Besides making purchase at, additional reward points can be earned by the following methods:

  1. (1) Write Review on Items you have purchased. No reward point will be granted to reviews on items you have not purchased - 3 Gold Points
  2. (2) Subscribe to our newsletter - 3 Gold Points
  3. (3) Blog about and our reward program. (see Submission form for more detail) - 30 Gold Points
  4. (4) Be a guest writer for our blog (Original article only). - 10 Gold Points per article
The prizes that you can use your points towards are amazing and truly drool worthy! You can check out the goods here!!!

Here are some of my personal favs and ones that I will be working towards getting my hands on:

Also in order to get the word out they will be offering an amazing giveaway here on my stay tuned for that!!

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