Friday, October 23, 2009

What I'm Lusting After!

As the trees change colour and it gets colder that means more time to shop! And what better way to shop than to do it from the comfort of your own home? No line-ups or fussy kids crying and running idea of a perfect experience....not to mention that the kitchen is a few steps away!

Here are some items that I am drooling over:

Statement necklaces are a huge trend right now and this amazing RANJANA KHAN Turquoise Bib Necklace ($1155.00) is all you need!! Seriously you could be wearing a paper bag and everyone would notice the necklace and not that your a crazy person wearing a paper bag!!!

This amazing Leopard Print Gown by Notte by Marchesa ($1,200) is so amazing!! It would turn and heads and guarentee that you are the center of attention wherever you went! I can just see it flowing in the wind! And animal print is for the girl who isn't afraid to explore her wild side!

I love me a good ruffle! Seriously the more ruffles the merrier! That's why I love this amazing ruffled cardigan from Milly (245)! I heart Milly too! And I love how cardigans can be thrown on any old tank top to make you look polished and well put together!! A trick that I use numerous times when I wake up late and have to throw on anything I can find!

Yes more ruffles!! (See I told you I love ruffles) And although the model looks like she's pissed to be wearing that ruffled tank, if I was in her place I would be smiling! This is a bit more affordable at $138 and it's the Ruffle Halter Top from BCBG! Seriously how amazing would this look under that ruffled cardigan!!! Ruffle heaven!!
Omg this ring is soooo amazing!!! Seriously who would have thought that purple and green could look so good. This is the Marie Antoinette Ring by Wendy Brandes and it is totaly TDF!!! This custom-cut amethyst and tsavorites ring in 18k gold is the epitome of luxury (hence it's name) I mean heck most people would wear this as a fancy cocktail ring...but at it's cost ($12,500) I'd rock it every single day!!!


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Awesome finds! Love the necklace and the ring...just not the prices that come with them!

Erica said...

omg that ring is amazing!!! love it!!!!