Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Diamond Necklace Giveaway Update (A Possible Additional Prize of a Marc Jacobs Bag)!!

Update (A Possible Additional Prize)!! Someone could also win a Marc Jacobs bag!!

Have you signed up for the diamond necklace giveaway yet? I just wanted to announce some great news that will give you extra incentive to enter! If I can sign up the most people then I get a prize for being the most influential blogger!!! What I'm hoping to win is the Marc Jacobs Classic O Baby Groove Satchel! This bag is valued at $324!!! I was wanting to win this for myself but I felt selfish so I decided that if I win the bag I will hold another draw when it ships to me, for one of you to win it!!! The winner will be drawn from the people who have entered this giveaway so sign up so that you will have a chance to win a diamond necklace, a Marc Jacobs bag and a Prada bag! Even if you are an international reader I will ship it to you! =) Look at how cute that bag is!!! So tell all your friends to sign up for thier chance to win and to increase your chances to win too!

elp me get the most sign ups if you enter this contest you will get ten extra entires in my Tiffany & Co Giveaway!!! But you can only do so if you sign up using my link! If you have signed up for mysales.com on another blog you don't get the extra entries =(

So isn't that great? You can have a chance to win a diamond necklace, a prada bag and more entires to winning Tiffany jewelry!

This giveaway will be open to International readers too!! So no matter where you are from you can enter! =)

here to enter!


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thats soooo nice of you!!!

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