Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fantasy Jewelry Box Angelina Jolie Earrings Review!

Award shows are always my favourite because I love seeing what amazing dresses, bags and jewelry that the stars wear. This years Oscars were no exception. I remember being so captivated when I saw what Angelina Jolie was wearing because while it was so simple, she stood apart by her amazing jewelry! She was wearing the most amazing emerald earrings that were so breathtaking beautiful (and not mention honking huge) that you couldn't help wondering if they were real. Diamonds are always a mainstay on any red carpet, but to see something so unique and rare (large emeralds that are of that size are hard to find!) really was a refreshing change! I really love how they brought out the green of Angelina's eyes! I'm sure many were green with envy at her amazing earrings (no pun intended!)

Now while I love love love Angelina's earrings there is no way that I would be able to afford it....which is where The Fantasy Jewelry Box comes in! Now you can have the same look as your favorite actress or actor – literally. Fantasy Jewelry Box provides celebrity-inspired, high fashion women’s and men’s jewelry seen in dozens of top magazines, including US Weekly, Glamour Magazine, CosmoGirl and People Magazine. Founded in 2004, Fantasy Jewelry Box now has more than 1,400 styles to browse through online. They have an amazing selection of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, and you can get a complete jewelry collection without breaking the bank! After all their motto is affordable jewelry for expensive tastes!

I was lucky enough to have the chance to review Angelina's Gold Red Carpet Inspired Emerald Green Earrings!! These amazing earrings are currently one of The Fantasy Jewelry Box's bestsellers! They come in two different types of metal gold and silver and truly look extremely close to the actual earrings that Angelina sported on the Oscar's Red Carpet! They are made with .925 sterling silver, which is higher grade silver and the amazing stones are high quality cubic zirconias. They are1.25 inches in length and 1/2 an inch in width so they are a nice size! The round stone is 2.5 carats and the pear stone is 10.25 carats which equals to 13 carats....and I'm not talking about both earrings, I'm talking about a single! That means there are a total of 26 carats!! That's a lot of bling bling!

I really loved how the earrings were presented! They arrived at my door tucked inside a pink gift box with the logo embellished upon the top of the box in a shiny silver. The finishing touch was a stretch string bow. I really love getting jewelry in small boxes because it allows me to store jewelry to prevent them from tarnishing (yes even jewelry made with real silver or gold needs to be protected from the air or they will tarnish) and the good news is that all your purchases from The Fantasy Jewelry Box will be beautifully wrapped. I loved the weight of the earrings because they weren't too heavy which is awful on the ears! I mean I hate the look of stretched out earring holes! The colour was amazing because depending on how the light hit it, the colour would change from a dark green that it was almost black to a light shimmery green! There was a great fire and sparkle that radiated from within and I really felt that they captured the characteristics of an emerald! While it does not have the light green of Angelina's earrings I feel that the earrings are more wearable since they are a bit more understated. I really loved the earrings and got many great comments since wearing them! I even got a few comments stating how they reminded the commenter of Angelina's earrings!

The Fantasy Jewelry Box has tons of amazing pieces at truly great prices! I would definitely recommend their products based upon their prices and quality!

Here are more of my favourite pieces from The Fantsy Jewelry Box:

And stay tunned for a giveaway of the amazing Angelina's Gold Red Carpet Inspired Emerald Green Earrings that I got to review!

Note: I was not compensated for this review other than the necklace and the earrings that was sent to me in order to provide an accurate review. All opinions expressed within this giveaway are my own honest views.


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These green earrings look very nice on you too.

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