Monday, November 30, 2009

Guy and Eva Jewelry Review

As the holiday season is fast approaching so does the prospect of many holiday dinners! And since the Holiday season is all about warmth and glitter I really love to pick it up a notch and add more glitz and glamour to my wardrobe, party or no party. I just really like to get dressed up and wear amazing jewelry even if it is to a lecture or to go grocery shopping. It just makes me feel so much better and does wonders to relieve the rainy weather.

Guy and Eva is a company dedicated to bringing glitz and glamour to every women's lives with amazing jewelry that is not only well crafted but well designed as well. And let me tell you dear readers that this is hard to find! I have found some jewelry that looks amazing but sadly falls apart after a few months...which is not good at all. But Guy and Eva's jewelry truly stands the tests of time. And I am not the only one to rave about their products, Guy and Eva has been featured on numerous prominent blogs and all the reviews have been stellar. And when you have such names as Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift, and Paris Hilton rocking your designs, and such magazines as People, Lucky and In Touch featuring your jewelry, you know you have a good thing going on!

But more importantly everyday women are embracing style and glitz thanks to Guy and Eva, some even making a living selling their designs! What originally started as sales from boutiques garnered so much interest that they their phones were literally ringing off the hook from people interested in selling Guy and Eva very affordable pieces. So Guy and Eva developed a plan in which a stunning collection, generous hostess rewards and a more than generous compensation plan was brought together in order to offer everyone the opportunity to own and operate their very own Guy and Eva business.

I was sent three amazing pieces from both their Holiday Catalog and their 2009-2010 Catalog. It took me such a long time to go through and decide upon which pieces I would like to review since there were so many amazing options! I finally decided upon The Britney Ring, The CZ String (which were both from the 2009-2010 Catalog) and the TRILLIAN Clear Cubic Zirconia bracelet in silver (from the Holiday Catalog). I got great service from the rep Mathew and he promptly shipped my items so that they were delivered in less than a week! I was really happy since I was actually attending a friends birthday that night and I promptly put on the pieces for the night.

I really loved the packaging of Guy and Eva! Each piece came individual;y wrapped in their own super soft drawstring bag and Guy and Eva box. I love the colour scheme that they used with the purple, since purple is one of my favourite colours! The great attention to detail into such things as packaging is a reflection of how their company operates, since not one tiny detail is too small. I really loved the bottom of the boxes because they had and amazing soft velvet quilting!

A closer look at their packaging!

The pieces themselves were amazing! They each had substantial weight and you could tell that they would last for a long time! The crystals in The Britney Ring was actually smaller than I had expected but I actually found that I liked that because it made it much more sparkly and more elegant looking and looked so finely crafted as if each tiny crystal was lovingly put into place. The Trillian Bracelet literally sparkled and glimmered on my wrist and it was as if there were hundreds of rainbow lights shooting out of the bracelet. It had a substantial weight to it so it almost felt like I was wearing a $20,000 bracelet as opposed to a $200 one! My only complaint was that it was way too large for my wrist but luckily it has managed to stay on! I love the CZ Rope because I don't have a lot of gold jewelry in my collection and it is a nice change. I like how this necklace is so long , because I can wear it in so many different ways for so many different looks! I also love the the champagne coloured CZ because they add such fire and spark!

Look at how pretty the CZ Rope is! And the packaging!!

Me rocking the Britney Ring and the Trillian Bracelet!!

I would definelty suggest Guy and Eva as a stop for Santa this holiday season due to their amazing designs, great quality and amazing prices! For those of you with an eye for fashion looking for a new business opportunity inquire at Guy and Eva for more information. You can be on the cutting edge of a growing company.

You can purchase Guy and Eva jewelry from any advisor or by visiting your order request. They will help you complete your order.

Click here to view thier Holiday Catalog
Click here to view their 2009-2010 Catalog

Guy and Eva has also been so generous to offer one reader a very special prize this holiday season!! It will be one of the items that I did my review on but you will have to check back this week in order to find out what is up for grabs!!!

Note: I was not compensated for this review other than the necklace and the earrings that was sent to me in order to provide an accurate review. All opinions expressed within this giveaway are my own honest views.


Anonymous said...

Excellent review! I am thrilled you loved the quality of our jewelry.

If anyone reading is interested in purchasing Guy and Eva jewelry I'd be happy to assist.

Kim Morrison
Guy and Eva Advisor

MosaicCity said...

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Anonymous said...

Guy and Eva is simply amazing! I love the jewelry and couldn't resist becoming a jewelry advisor.
Nobody can 'not like' Guy and Eva.

It is a great opportunity for any woman looking to work for herself with a booming company.

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Thank you,

Rudyth M.
Houston, TX