Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm Giving away Diamonds and Please Help me Win!!!

As part of a blog giveaway I will be giving away an amazing diamond necklace starting on Monday! This giveaway is sponsored by this amazing new site and as an incentive for bloggers to get the most signups they will be having a competition to win a Marc Jacobs bag! You know just how much I love bags and I really want to win so please sign up for that and as an added incentive you will get an additional six entries into my Tiffany Giveaway that will be listed on the same day! Also everyone that signs up on their site is eligable to a draw for an amazing Prada Bag valued at $2,230! So make sure to look out for that!!

Please don't sign up now!!! Wait until Monday to sign up otherwise you will loose out on a chance to win diamonds! And as well as have a greater chance to win some amazing jewelry from Tiffany & Co!


Anonymous said...

I love the bbbbangles.
I heart the shop on Etsy (ghainskom)
I'm a follower (Awami)
I have the button on my site.
ghainskom at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

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