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I love scarves! I just can't get enough of them! Sure when I was little I would wear it during the winter, but as I have grown older I have realized the beauty in a scarf. It's not just a scarf but a fashion statement that can be worn year round. It helps that it keeps you warm because when it is freezing cold outside if your neck isn't covered then the pesky wind somehow manages to worm its way down the neck opening of your coat and just clutches your body with it's cold fingers! Brrr I get cold just thinking about it.

My scarf addiction can add up, because some scarves can be pretty expensive! So when I chanced upon I had found the answers to my prayers. They have so many great selection of scarves in all types of colour, patterns and materials! If you want to explore your wild side, they have animal print scarves, and if you are a more basic type of girl they have lovely basic scarves. also has scarves for the guys because we love guys and we don't want to leave them out!

I love how the site is organized because it makes it super duper easy to navigate and to find the perfect scarf to meet your needs! They organize their scarves by seasons, colour, material, shape, size and trend! But I think the best part about their shop is the amazing prices!!!! No scarf in is over $20!!!!! That's right! Even their regular priced scarves are not higher than $20! is having a sale right now, even on their new arrivals and that means that no scarf is over $16! Great prices!

The lovely scarf I reviewed!

I got to review an amazing scarf for my very own and I chose to review a zebra print cashmere scarf! That's right cashmere! Unfortunately the scarf I got to review is no longer on the site because they sold out! Guess I have great taste! =)I've always loved animal print, but sometimes too much of an animal print can be downright tacky! Not to say that animal print is tacky, but just if you wear too much of it! I think that a scarf is a great way to incorporate animal print into your wardrobe if you are a more conservative type of person. I have been lusting over an animal print scarf for so long, but never got around to getting one so I was super happy that I got to do my review on it!

Close up detail of the scarf and the fringe

When I received the scarf I put it on right away! I was that excited! It is super soft and I really love the colour of it! While it is a zebra print, it's not traditional in the sense that it's black and white! Instead its a light chocolate colour with the stripes being a dark chocolate colour! I really love the length of it, because it's not too long that it will drag on the ground but long enough to be able to loop around my neck. It's also super warm which is great since I do have to brave the cold cold Canadian winter. I also can't get over just how soft it is! I have worn it a lot since I have got it, everyday in fact and I have got many compliments on how cute it is!
Rocking my new scarf!

So if you are looking for a scarf to keep you cozy and warm this winter, or even a scarf to wear year round head on over to! And look out for a giveaway courtesy of soon!

Please Note: I was not given monetary compensation in order to do the review and I was only sent the scarf for review purposes. All views expressed within this review post are my own.

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i would have totally picked the same scarf.

also. i have a zebra snuggie. don't judge.

merry christmas!