Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dresses.com by Odette Christiane Review: Prom 2010 Event

As part of my research into great companies to feature in my Prom 2010 Event, I looked into many great companies that sell amazing prom dresses and Dresses.com is no exception.
Dresses.com features the amazing designs of Odette Christiane who is known as one of the most creative and influential designers to emerge from the Los Angeles fashion scene in the last twenty years, Odette Christiane has become one of the fashion world's preeminent trendsetters. Born in Marseilles, France and raised in Los Angeles, California, Christiane's fashions reflect a hybrid point of view that integrates her two very distinct cultural experiences. By weaving together the seductive allure of French style and the drama and energy of Los Angeles, Christiane's designs transcend and transform the usual categories of artistic craftsmanship.

Over the last twenty years, Christiane's designs have been featured in premier department and specialty stores around the world, from Harrods and Harvey Nichols in London, to Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale's in the United States. Additionally, her designs are frequently seen on many high profile individuals, both on and off screen. Her designs can be seen on such hit shows as the Price is Right as well as on the lovely models of Deal or No Deal!

The dresses.com website features amazing designs that are perfect for many occasions that require you to get dressed up, including evening dresses, shorter cocktail dresses, prom dresses and even wedding dresses! Dresses.com features some amazing and very sexy designs and they are bound to get you noticed and set you apart from everyone else. The dresses have great luxe details and include many different and unexpected designs that are meant to flaunt all your best features. I love her use of fabrics including sequins and lace. Odette obviously knows what she is doing!

My Review:

I was very lucky to be able to do a review for dresses.com and they were nice enough to send me the Hollywood Scene dress from their Cocktail Dresses section in red. This dress is perfect for a special night on the town and while the front is nice and covered the back is amazing.

The dress came quickly within my talking to the representative from dresses.com which is great for people who need a fancy dress for a special occasion and are pressed for time. The dress came beautifully wrapped and there was no damage at all during the shipping process which is great because the worst thing that can ever happen is for your item to be damaged during shipping. So you can rest assured that this will not happen to you.

This dress features amazing sequins in many different colours including silver, gold and different shades of red which is great and does not give it a monotone look. I also love that the sequins are tightly sewn on which is often a big concern with items that feature sequins. I have had some sequin items where the sequins would fall off so easily because it wasn't of good quality, but this dress is great and I haven't had any sequins fall off yet which is a good sign that it is durable.

This dress is nicely fitted so that it will conform to the curves in your body and not just hang off of it. The sleeves feature a netted material so that you can see skin. But my favorite part of this dress has to be the amazing back! This dress is perfect for a cocktail party because when viewed from the front it's nice and conservative but when you turn to leave you can create a memorable exist from the open backing of this amazing dress. Also with a dress so sparkly and memorable you do not need to accessorize much, just a simple pair of earrings so that you can let this dress do all the talking for you. Wearing this dress guarantees that you will not soon be forgotten!

So head on over to Dresses.com to check out more of their amazing dresses for your next special event!

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