Thursday, April 22, 2010

Feronia Jewelry Review

Now that spring is here its time to throw all the jackets and long clothes back into to closet and show some skin! Also spring also means lots and lots of colours which is a great trend in fashion that is all the rage at the moment and that is not just clothes but jewelry as well. Feronia Jewelry is a lovely shop that features beautiful jewelry designs in beautiful gems and luxurious metals.

Feronia Jewelry is the lovely creations of Claire who prides prides herself in the fact that although her jewelry designs look very expensive, are actually affordable luxury. Claire is from Singapore and she was inspired to create such beautiful and unique designs by an experience she had in a restaurant. While waiting for her meal to come she noticed two girls who looked like they were dressed exactly the same...but the thing was that they did not know each other. This caused her to reflect and wonder about where their personality had went and why they did not want to stand out from the crowd rather than blend in.

Feronia Jewelry features great pieces that have a couture feel but at great prices. I really love how she manages to incorporate so many beautiful jewels into her designs.

Claire is such a hard worker and she not only has Feronia Jewelry but she has two other shops on etsy that she runs as well. The Daily Classics offers great pieces that are more classic and streamlined and features less gemstones than Feronia Jewelry. Feronia Gem Supply offers great supplies of amazing gemstones at dirt cheap prices for the jewelers that are out there.

Claire currently has more than thirty items in her shop selling at such a great discount of 50% off of its original price! So go check out Feronia Jewelry for great presents that would be perfect for Mother's Day or a great accessory for prom!

My Review:

Claire was so wonderful to offer me an amazing piece from the Feronia Jewelry shop! I was so lucky to be able to review the lovely Lova Necklace!! This lovely necklace retails for $49.50 which is so cheap considering I have found similar looking necklaces that are $100 and are not as well designed as the one that I received to review! The package came so quickly considering it had to travel half way around the world to get to me and I loved the amazing packaging that she used!

The package already came nicely wrapped in fine green paper and a lovely brown bow, so for the shopper out there who's forte does not include gift wrapping this is perfect for you because it's already ready for giving out!

I love all the great little details that went into the packaging with a great giftbox in order to store your jewelry when not in use! It has a lovely sticker of Feronia's lovely logo and Clare was so wonderful to also include a hand written note expressing her gratitude! The necklace was in the little pouch and this is great for traveling or keeping your jewelry from becoming tangled!

Here are some great shots that go into very great detail of the beautiful pendent that looks like a butterfly! It is a very elegant design that features amazing lavender almost peachy orange ametrine for wings and deluxe itty bitty tourmalines for the details. I've never heard of ametrine before but it is a lovely gem! This lovely butterfly flutters on a 14k gold filled chain and clasp, which adds a luxe detail and is long wearing.

I was so very pleased with my necklace that I received and it truly is a work of art! The pictures do it no justice because it is so much more sparkly and beautiful in person! When I received it I put it on right away and it was the perfect length since the chain was 16 inches. I have gotten many great comments and compliments regarding the necklace and I love wearing it glammed up or just being casual. My pictures makes the ametrine look like it is clear but it truly does have the lavender-peachy colour that is depicted in the shop pictures.

This lovely necklace also comes in a ring or earrings if you want to complete the set and bling out!

So head on over to Feronia Jewelry for some amazing jewelry pieces at great prices and look forward to a giveaway sponsored by Claire!


Sandy a la Mode said...

oh my i LOVE the first yellow earring set and the bow necklace, they are sooo beautiful! can't wait for the giveaway! =)

ijia said...

These earring sets are really beautiful and I would like to have these sets

Gemstone Jewelry said...

i want all ear rings for my girl friend in your blog.

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