Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Capturing Couture Review

I was the official photographer for my sister's grad and I was quite nervous because it was my first time using the new SLR camera that my parent's bought. I got a few quick pointers from my sister before I was thrust into my duties as official photographer. As part of my job I also had to take pictures for my sisters' friends who also happened to have SLRs. The problem was that they all looked the same and there was no way to quickly tell which camera belonged to who. I could have avoided the problem if I had a quick way to tell which camera was mine! This is where Capturing Couture comes in!

Capturing Couture was founded by Erika and Lisa who are two working mothers who wanted to combine their talents of photography and fashion. What better way to combine the two then creating couture inspired accessories that helps to allow anyone to not only be fashionable but to truly stand out when capturing that perfect moment.

Each of Capturing Couture's straps and accessories are created using only the finest materials, custom made trims and highly functional hardware. They truly have amazing designs that can appeal to every photographer. They have great categories too such as Animal, Boho and my favorite line, Organza! Just look at how amazing those roses look on the strap!!

Don't worry guys, Capturing Couture has created a special line dedicated to you and it's full of camera straps that feature masculine patterns which has no hint of pink! I promise!

My Review:

I was so happy when Capturing Couture sent me one of their amazing camera straps in order to conduct a review! After going through their extensive collection of camera straps, I finally chose to review The Zebra 2 inch SLR Strap.

The strap arrived so quickly so it's great if you want to get a last minute gift and it came already uniquely wrapped. You can tell that the people over at Capturing Couture really pays close attention to all the little details so that you don't have to! I just love the houndstooth tissue paper that they used to wrap the strap in!

As soon as I got the strap I put it on my SLR right away. It was easy to put on so long as you understand how camera straps work and it felt very secure and not flimsy at all which is something you want considering SLR's can cost a thousand dollars or more. I liked how the strap was lightly padded in the neck part because the camera can get heavy at times if you wear it for extended periods of time.

The material used to make this strap was so comfortable and soft. I really loved that the little label that said Capturing Couture had a tiny crystal over the letter i. It's small details like these that really set Capturing Couture apart.

So head on over to Capturing Couture in order to check out their great camera straps! They will be adding camera bags to their line too so that is something to look forward to! They are also sponsoring a giveaway of a strap on my blog so look out for that as well!

*Disclosure: The camera strap was sent to me by Capturing Couture so that I could conduct an accurate review. I was not monetarily compensated for this post so all ideas and opinions expressed are that of my own.

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