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Nicole Bridger Designs: Sustainable yet Stylish Clothing Review

In an attempt to make my life a little bit greener and a little more earth friendly I have explored the many ways in which to make small little changes. While conserving water and recycling is great for the environment, they aren't what would be considered glamorous! That's why I have been looking into sustainable fashion!

Nicole Bridger Designs is not only a company that adheres to creating clothing out of sustainable clothing, but they are dedicated to clothing that actually has style and substance. Another great thing about this company in my opinion is that Nicole is a fellow Vancoverite (that and she has my name too)! I love spotlighting local talent and products!

Nicole has such a great wealth of experience including working and learning how to structure clothing under famed British designer Vivienne Westwood!!! Another exciting thing for those of you who love Lululemon Athletica (another awesome Vancouver company!), Nicole partnered up with the owner of Lululemon Athletica to co-create Oqoqo, a casual eco clothing line. She was then ready to put her design and business sides together to create her own label of socially conscious contemporary women's wear, Nicole Bridger Designs .

I'd love to share this great information that was pulled directly from the Nicole Bridger Designs website, that goes into great detail of the company's philosophy!


At Nicole Bridger Designs we believe in taking care of the earth and its people. To take care of the earth we use socially conscious fabrics and practices. We use fabrics that are from natural and renewable resources. We consider the impact that we have on the earth and do what we can to minimize it. To take care of the earth’s people we help spread the word of love through our affirmation labels ‘I am love’ in each piece of clothing. We are dedicated to contributing to positive change in our modern world.

Here is some great information about the fabrics that goes into each and every Nicole Bridger Designs piece!


Certified Organic Cotton:
Source: USA and Europe
Info: Certified Organic means that there are no pesticides used to grow this cotton.

Source: Europe
Info: Linen is a very sustainable natural resource. It requires less water than organic cotton and is naturally pest resistant.

Source: USA
Info: Hemp is a great renewable resource. It requires less water than organic cotton and is naturally pest resistant.

Source: China
Info: Bamboo is a renewable resource and the fabrics are made two ways. One is a man made process so it is called Viscose from bamboo. The other uses the fiber and is called bamboo.

Source: China, Europe and USA
Info: Modal comes from sustainably harvested trees. It is then processed as a man made fabric into yarn and then knit into fabric.

Certified Organic Wool
Source: New Zealand and USA
Info: Organic wool is taking an already natural resource to the next step. It ensures humane treatment of the sheep as well as organic farmland where the sheep live.

Alpaca Wool
Source: Peru
Info: The Alpaca are raised in Peru in a very humane environment. The wool is a natural resource that is totally biodegradable.

We source locally when possible and use low impact dyes when available.
We often choose fabrics that have Spandex because it helps your garment to last longer.

Our garments are made in Vancouver, Canada. We have great relationships with our factories and can see for ourselves the great working conditions for the sewers.

We use Tagua nut buttons which is like a coconut. They have our mantra "I Am Love" engraved on them.

Our labels are made of cotton instead of a more common polyester.

Hangtags & Catalogues
All of our printed material is done on 100% post-consumer paper.

Everything we make can be washed. It is better for the environment and your skin. So our washing instructions always say how to wash and dry without dry cleaning.

Maternity Friendly
Many of our styles work as maternity wear. It is more sustainable to buy less, so having pieces that can work for before, during and after pregnancy is ideal.

This amazing tunic is on sale for only $20!!!! It used to be $194! This is just one of the many items that she is having a crazy sale on!!!

My Review:

The lovely people over at Nicole Bridger Designs was so kind in offering me an amazing piece to conduct a review on! I was lucky to receive the Integrity Top in black and I think that this piece is amazing!

The Integrity Top is made with a super soft hemp jersey material that is unbelievably soft and comfortable! I though that hemp would be rough since whenever I think of hemp I think of those large hemp ropes! Thankfully this top is super soft!

The shirt is very unique, it's semi-see through so you can still wear it comfortably without having to wear an extra layer and not having to worry about being too exposed.

I love the look and feel of the amazing Integrity Top because it's so unique. You can truly see the amazing abilities that Nicole has in constructing a piece of clothing. The shirt features such amazing features as the above asymmetrical neckline that can be draped according to the wearer's preference. The shirt also features an amazing drape where the sleeves are and it adds such a unique touch to the shirt.

Another great feature that I absolutely love about Nicole Bridger Designs is that each piece of clothing has a small cotton label that says "I AM LOVE" sewed somewhere on it. This tag is a reminder to speak kindly to yourself and to others, helping spread positive energy.

So head on over to Nicole Bridger Designs to support an amazing designer and a fellow Vancoverite! And look out for an amazing giveaway soon!

*Disclosure: I was sent the above items fromNicole Bridger Designs in order to conduct a review. Please note that I was not offered any other additional compensation.

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