Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Gift of Gems: Pradman Jewelry Review

I love jewelry and what better way to look stylish this holiday season then by draping yourself in colourful gems? A huge trend in jewelry is the stacked bracelets look and no one does stacked gems better than Pradman Jewelry.

Pradman Jewelry is the creation of John and Nicole who happens to have the exact same name as me (minus the last name)! Pretty cool! Pradman Jewelry is full of the most amazing jewelry that features amazing gemstones. I love how there are so many options of gemstones and that the gemstones that are featured are vibrant and go well together if you want to mix and match.

Pradman Jewelry features great designs of semi-precious and precious gemstones that are set in gold. Although most of their shop features jewelry in yellow gold there are some options in silver for the people who love silver more than gold.

And if you join their facebook page you will automatically be entered every month for a chance to win a piece of your very own! You can become a fan of Pradmans here!

My Review:

Pradman Jewelry was totally awesome in giving me such a huge variety of items to review! I was sent a total of six items which totally blew my mind away since I am a huge fan of their jewelry!

I was sent three of their bangles and three of their rings. I was so happy to hear that they have a great selection of ring sizes and even size 5 since my fingers don't usually fit most rings.

I was very impressed with the quality of the jewelry that was sent to me, and it truly look like it was very expensive when in fact Pradman Jewelry is quite affordable!

The bracelets were a bit large on me but I have freakishly thin wrists but I haven't lost one yet! I can see that the bracelets could be comfortably worn by many people with different size wrists.

I was sent bracelets with moonstone, prehnite, and smokey quartz. The colours were so vibrant and they are neutral enough that I can wear them with anything! And sorry about the fuzzy pictures! It's hard trying to model and take pictures and the same time!

Each of these bracelets feature four stones and the bangle is brass that has been covered with 18K gold. So they sparkle and look like they were made with real gold.

The rings that I was sent were in the same stones as the ones in the bangles so that they matched. I really liked to look of the rings when they were stacked and loved that they came in different shapes so that it provided a nice contrast.

These rings make for a standout piece when you stack them together of if you want to go for a more causal and less flashy look you can easily wear them on it's own.

I love the look that can be achieved when I wear all of my Pradman Jewelry pieces together and they also look amazing when they are separate, but really how could you not want more? Stacking is totally awesome!

If you love Pradman Jewelry as much as I do then you are all in for a very special treat! Pradman Jewelry has agreed to do a giveaway for the Stylish Holiday Event and I know this is one giveaway that you do not want to miss out on!

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