Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Party Fun

On Saturday I attended my boyfriend's parent's annual Christmas party. What I love about their Christmas party is that although it is held at a fancy restaurant it is anything but formal or boring! Each year they have a special theme, they have had every theme from Aliens, MTV, Las Vegas and this years theme was Sports Legends. And they really know how to have a good time with lip syncing and dance routine competitions, it's crazy to see them get loose!

If you follow me on twitter or facebook you will know that I was requesting for my readers opinions on who I should go as since I was going as a Figure Skater. I decided that I was going to go as Michelle Kwan.
I have included a picture of my make up and hair here and I will be going into detail on how I achieved my look for those of you that are interested. And I loved my sparkly dress which I got tons of great compliments on which made my night =)

But more importantly I wanted to share pictures of the delicious food that I ate! Mmmm it was sooo good! I love french food! The party was held at Le Crocodile which is one by far the best French restaurant in Vancouver (it has won tons of awards). If any of you live in Vancouver this is a definite contender for a place to celebrate a special occasion...or if you just want to indulge and treat yourself :)

A delicious scallop in lobster reduction. There were more amazing tasting appies that were being brought around but I didn't take any pictures. I really loved the asparagus and warm cheese tartlet and I gobbled two up!

An amazing looking seafood crepe that I looked so delisious!! I was so sad because I'm allergic to fish and I couldn't eat it!!! =( There was also this amazing foie gras spread course before this but I didn't take a picture.

My tomato and gin bisque that I had in place of the seafood crepe. It was so delicious and savory

This was an amazing salad that consisted of avocado, tomatoes, a mixture of spring greens and a quail egg. Loved the two types of dressing and they worked well together.

This was my main course which was venison (sorry Bambi!!!) it came with an amazing porchini mushrooms (I love me my mushrooms) mixture of veggies and a delicious potato gratin.

My boyfriend's main of steelhead trout on a bed of linguini....I was pretty jealous about the linguini since I love pasta. And thanks to the fish I couldn't steal a taste.

But it was totally fine since I knew I would be able to steal his dessert! He got a souffle that tasted like fruit loops and was soo good!

I got the other dessert selection because we always get different things from each other so that we can steal bites and nibbles from each other. My dessert was an amazing brownie cake with raspberry sorbet. I ate my dessert and half of his :)

Looking at all the pictures are making me super hungry!

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Jenna said...

You look amazing and so does all of that yummy food!!! and i love that dress on you too! Where did you get it from?