Friday, December 3, 2010

The Gift of Elegance: Whiteflash Jewelry Review

Are you looking to give the very special women in your life a gift that she will never forget? Are you looking for a symbol to show you love and devotion? If you are looking for fine jewelry as a Christmas gift or if you just want to treat yourself, Whiteflash is the perfect site to find the most amazing jewelry

On Whiteflash you can search and buy diamonds in order to create the perfect piece of jewlery. They also offer exquisitely hand crafted engagement rings, wedding bands and other diamond jewelry. You can either choose from their extensive selection of breathtaking designs or you can participate in the process by creating your own engagement ring that is designed with that special women in mind. Whiteflash is dedicated to providing their customers with excellent quality and attention to detail while maintaining unparalleled customer service.

Another great thing about Whiteflash is that they want to empower the buyer with the knowledge of what makes a perfect diamond. When you are buying something over the internet you have to be very careful and it can often times be difficult especially when it comes to such big ticketed items. That is why Whiteflash does everything it possibly can to ensure that the consumer gets all the important information, no matter how small the details may be.

Whiteflash has a great section on their website that is dedicated to Diamond Education. After going on the site I definetly came away with a greater knowledge and I know this would be perfect for the first time diamond buyer.

My Review:

While Whiteflash is renowned for their diamonds they also offer jewelry that features other great gemstones. Whiteflash kindly sent me a pearl necklace in order to conduct a review about their service and the quality of their jewelry.

I was very excited with the package that greeted me on my front door

The pearls came in such a beautiful wood box that is perfect to store jewelry and would work well with any decor. This box screams to be noticed and not to be put away in a drawer.

I love the presentation of the necklace and it also came with a great set of papers and certificates that detailed the item as well as the important details.

You can see that it also came with a removable clasp to help increase the necklace's versatility.

This is a beautiful opera length spice pearl necklace, hand strung to 32" in a single endless strand. These cultured freshwater pearls are approximately 6-7mm, in smooth oval shapes, and exhibit nice luster in natural hues of peach, vanilla, lavender, and silvery white. The necklace is individually hand knotted between each pearl.

You can see the amazing range of colour that is present within this necklace and it adds such dimension as opposed to a pearl necklace that may only consist of one colour of pearls.

As noted the necklace is very versatile and can be worn either short or long depending on the usage of the removable clasp. Here I am wearing it long and if you have other pearl necklaces it would be perfect for layering.

The clasp is easy to remove and use and can be worn in front to show off the clasp or hidden in the back with your hair for another look.

I know most people wouldn't think of wearing the clasp in front but I think it looks interesting and also it gives you an extra look for a total of three looks that you can achieve with this necklace.

Here is what the necklace looks like doubled up and with the clasp in the back! I find that this is a perfect look for work since it's not too long that it will get caught up in stuff.

Love the look of this pearl necklace? I will be having a giveaway soon in which one of you will win this amazing necklace from Whiteflash!!

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