Monday, December 13, 2010

The Gift of Personalization: Alisa Michelle Designs Review

Look in your pocket, look in your wallet. I bet you will find a bunch of coins just weighing down your purse, but if you look closely you might look at a coin and see something else....something more fashionable. That's how Alisa Michelle Designs first got started.

Alisa Michelle Designs is the inspired creation of Alisa Cohen who has been designing her own line since 1996. Since then, Alisa has found great success having her pieces sold in hundreds of stores around the world. She has even been featured in Hautelook, a high end online sample sale site, on many occasions.

Alisa Michelle Designs features many great finished necklaces and bracelets but another great and unique aspect is that you can design your own piece! In their Create Your Own Section you can actually create your own piece with your choice of metal (gold, copper and silver), quotes and add ons.

Alisa Michelle Designs is known for their use of coins and tokens and other reclaimed material that are often meant to be melted down. So every piece has a very special meaning and are very unique. She often uses coins that are from other countries that have unique shapes and sizes. Some are large coins and others are not. She also uses unconventional materials like tokens.

Her designs are loved by celebrity clients and can be seen on Halle Berry, Naomi Watts, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Olympic Gold medalist Kerri Walsh, Hillary Duff, Ashley Tisdalde and countless others.

Head on over to the Alisa Michelle Designs website and sign up for their newsletter and you will be entered every month to win amazing jewelry. You can also like her on Facebook!

My Review:

Alisa was so amazing to send me FIVE (!!) pieces from Alisa Michelle Designs so that I could conduct a review to see just how amazing Alisa Michelle Designs jewelry is.

Here are the five pieces that I received to review. I got four silver pieces and one gold necklace. I think there is a great sense of glamor and mystery attached to the coins and tokens that Alisha usually features in her designs. I mean think of all the adventures and all the things that these coins have seen.

I love the Do you Love Me Necklace which is stamped on a metal bar. It's a great bold look and really stands out because it's not tiny.

The Peace is a Reward Necklace is also made from a coin and it's so cool because when you flip it to the back it has been worn down so much that you can't really make out any distinctive features. I can just imagine what types of places this coin has been.

The great Life is Short Necklace features two gold charms. One larger one that is an actual coin that says Do if for You and a smaller coin that's actually a bus token that says Life is too Short. As you can see the back of the larger coin features great coin detailing.

Look how cool the All the World's a Stage necklace is! You can actually see the details of the coin that are behind the stamping.

The Have Fun Necklace also has a great quote that reminds me that sometimes I have to do what's right for me and what is in my best interests. And not to get to involved in work so that I forget to have fun. The quote is "If you follow all the rules you miss the fun"

As you can tell Alisa Michelle Designs peices look amazing whether your wear one piece alone.......

or if you decide to layer them like how I did here.

Another great thing that I love is that the pieces are made of coins so they are tough. With some necklaces I have to be very careful because I am afraid that they will get damaged but with Alisa Michelle Designs I really don't have to worry about that!

If you love the jewelry from Alisa Michelle Designs you should be excited to know that I will have a giveaway where you can win a great necklace! Look out for that soon!


Erica said...

OMG amazing jewelry!!! I can't wait for the giveaway!!!!!!

Victoryperfect said...

Really well done for the blog.these are so sweet and pretty!