Friday, December 10, 2010

Lust List: Personalization

I remember when I was a child I had this amazing doll that I loved with all my heart. Well one day it went missing, only to wind up in the hands of another child. Now there was no way to prove that the doll was mine, but I knew in my heart that it was! If only she was personalized then I would not have to suffer the fate of losing out on Lily. Let's just say I gained an enemy that day!

Now personalized gifts make for a truly unique gift and here are my personal favs:

How about this Brave Love Necklace ($62) from past sponsor and Hand-stamped Jewelry rock star Lisa Leonard. It can be customized with your family names or a special quote or words that you hold close to your heart.

Or if you are looking to find the perfect marriage of Science and design, look no further than DNA11 ($200) which is such a cool concept that takes your personal DNA and turns it into art. Since your DNA is unique that means that your DNA portrait will also be unique.

If you are planning a winter wedding you will love the amazing Custom Wooden Wedding Cake Toppers ($182.00) that can be personalized to your preference. This comes from the amazing etsy shop Star House. Sooo much cooler than one of those generic cake toppers this can really display your style to all your guests. And after the wedding it can serve as an awesome reminder of your special day!

For the person who is always tied to technology the Personalized Iphone or IPodTouch Case ($55) by Em Tanner Designs is a perfect option! That way if they set their phone down it won't get mixed up! Believe me this is happened many times before!

Talking about Apple, the Ipad was named as one of Oprah's Favorite Things and all of her extremely lucky audience members got one among other fabulous prizes! I swear I would give up my first born child to be in her audience! And the camera's would totally capture me freaking out! This amazing case is handcrafted in leather and comes from Saks ($135)

This luxurious custom stationary from Austin Press ($400 for 100 sets) includes paper bag envelope and printed return address. With so many people opting to go digital when it comes to correspondence I love the idea of getting a handwritten note in the mail! Nothing beats that feeling!

If you have an upcoming wedding or a special couple in your life what would be more perfect than a Five Piece Plate Setting with Can Cup ($310.00) from Sarah Drake Chicago.

What are your favorite personalized gifts? Do you think they are a good gift idea?

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