Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sweetest Proposal: Groupon Steal of a Lifetime!!

With our Falling in Love with Event in full swing and going with our love theme, I thought that I would share the cutest and most original proposals I've heard in a while!

I'm sure most of you have heard about Groupon and taken advantage of their sweet deals in the past! I know I have! Well one Grouponer got the deal of the lifetime when she discovered a daily deal that was hard to pass up!

Dana, an NFL cheerleader, loves the site so much that her boyfriend, Greg, decided to use it in his marriage proposal. Trying to find a genius idea to match her love for Groupons and his need for an original way to propose, he contacted Groupon, sent a sweet personalized message for them to include, and the company took care of the rest, including posting the “deal” (just $1 for marital bliss estimated to be worth $999,999) in the Cincinnati market, guaranteeing that Dana (and many other area deal-seekers) would see the proposal. (Click the link and read the Groupon says box!)

I know this is will be an engagement story that no one will soon forget! And for those living in Cincinnati this is what popped up on their screen if they decided to purchase! Ahha sooo funny!!

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