Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Falling in Love With: Juicy Gems Jewelry Review

If you are a man who is desperately looking for for the perfect gift than you can consider me your best friend! I mean why go for chocolate or flowers that will die when you can go for something sparkly that she will treasure for a lifetime! Juicy Gems Jewelry by Stacey is a great place to start!

Juicy Gems is a great etsy shop that features gemstone jewelry with a twist! Stacey the lovely designer behind all the amazing jewelry designs is from Boston and her shop is packed with delightful goodies that can make any girl's wishlist!

You can find amazing necklaces, earrings and bracelets in Juicy Gems and you can find the ever popular leather wrapped gem bracelets for a fraction of the cost. Stacey uses the finest materials and I love that her shop is full of colourful and delightful looking gemstones.

Prices are very reasonable considering the amazing designs as well as the materials that Stacey uses in her designs. In fact her pieces start at around $15! Pretty good if you don't want to break the bank!

You can also check out the Juicy Gems Facebook page for more great info!

My Review:

Stacey was kind enough to send me a necklace so that I could experience first hand what Juicy Gems has to offer.

The necklace came wrapped in a green organza bag which is the perfect place to store it when you are not wearing it. It was backed by a nice card with the Juicy Gems logo on it.

The necklace is made up of a gold filled disc that has a light hammered effect which kind of looks like stars! I also love the two wire wrapped gems that hang from the necklace the gems are great pieces of dyed jade. The beautiful charms hang from a 17 inch gold filled chain and I love that the necklace loop is quite large which makes it easier to put on! It is also finished with delicate beads on the ends.

This is an amazing casual necklace and it adds a great pop to an outfit!

If you love this necklace great news! One of you can win it!! For now check out Juicy Gems for some great jewelry!


Rosalina said...

Very beautiful! I love earrings and your necklace!

Anonymous said...

pearl earring with flower are always my favorite...shadab

William Tinsley said...

I am not an "expert" in any sense of the word, but I did enough jewelry as a hobby that I decided to share some pieces with everyone that may be interested. My new website is at http://www.rockhoundgemstones.com A lot of my pieces are made with beaded gemstones, but many are made from the rough. We go rockhounding to gather the rocks/gems that we use in our jewelry. It is so interesting and it is just unbeliveable how many beautiful stones that Mother Nature has given us to enjoy. We are in our 60's and are still very active in rock hunting and making jewelry. I hope some of you will go to my site and browse through the products and leave a message on my blog page. I am still learning more everyday, so leave suggestions and ideas to help. Hope to hear from you soon!