Saturday, February 5, 2011

Prepare for the Super Bowl with Tabasco Original Red!

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TABASCO® Original Red

Sunday's the big game day!! I'm excited to be watching and I hope that the Steelers take it! But with any big game day you of course need all the fixings! I love to have great indulgent snacks and food while watching the game and a great addition to spice up any dish is TABASCO® Original Red!

Seriously I live for putting TABASCO® Original Red in everything and anything! It tastes amazing in pizza, eggs, pasta, chili, dips and my favorite Bloody Marys.... the possibilities are endless!! I have been craving pizza for the longest time and I'm going to satisfy my craving by getting some great pizza for game day. Now while it may be easier to just buy a pizza I think I'm going to make my own this year so that I can be in charge of what actually goes on it. Now you might look at me like I'm a crazy person but if you buy a premade pizza dough and add your own toppings it's super easy! And of course I'm going to putting some Original Red to give it a kick of flavor!

I love that TABASCO® Original Red locks in and enhances flavour and it adds a certain kick and whole layer of taste to meals. It's a staple in my my family and it is rare that we don't use Tabasco in our dishes! Now keep your fingers crossed that your favorite team wins on Sunday! But even if they don't it's fine because your stomach will be the winner with all the amazing game day food! Check out Tabasco's great website for more great meal ideas and lots of other fun stuff!


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