Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Fling Event: Wulfgurl Review

Spring is my favorite time of the year it's when cute adorable baby animals are born and beautiful flowers finally make an appearance after a long winter's sleep. There is always something so magical in the beauty of spring, and Wulfgurl has an amazing shop that reflects the beauty that can be found in nature.

There is a great reason behind why the designer Virginia decided to name her etsy shop Wulfgurl, its the fact that her name is Virginia Wulf! That is her actual name! Pretty cool! Another cool thing is that she's a self taught jewelry designer who learned her craft through lots of hard work and determination.

Virgina believes in beauty, passion, solitude, kindness and love. Her work is created with these ideas in mind. She loves to run and find inspiration from nature while I'm out and about. That is why Wulfgirl's amazing designs are a perfect fit for my Spring Fling Event!

Wulfgirl's shop has so many great pieces including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. What I love is the fact that she combines amazing gemstones and metal in a way that is totally unique. I also love the way that she photographs her jewelry! This is a great example of etsy photo dos!

My Review:

I was sent two great items from Virgina in order to review the beauty of Wulfgurl.

I love the way that the items arrive at your doorstop. They come in a great brown craft box and finished off with a white silk ribbon. You can choose to wrap it or leave it as is.
I was sent an amazing lucite earrings and an amazing necklace.

The Lucite earrings are such a deep and very detailed green and I love how the crystal compliments it perfectly. They are perfect for spring outfits because they are the perfect colour and they are super unique

I was also sent an amazing cluster necklace that hung on a oxidized bronze chain that hangs a bit lower.

I really loved all the amazing charms that were featured in this necklace. They definitely gave the necklaces such charm and character. The charms that were featured in this amazing necklace include an amazing irregular shaped smokey quartz, an antique engraved glass bead, a freshwater pearl, a pearl that includes a ruby, and a yellow quartz charm with garnet beads.

I love the way that it looks and I love that the clasp is in the front because it makes it look so unique! I am digging the cluster necklace and statement necklace look and this necklace has got it going on!

If you love that necklace I have good news because one lucky winner will get to win it! Look out for that giveaway soon!

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