Friday, March 25, 2011

Volunteer Spot and Carolina Pad Teams up for an Awesome Giveaway

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Usually I talk a lot about fashion and beauty on my blog and everything is pretty lighthearted but I do want to bring your attention to something that is pretty important to me and that is volunteering. I am a strong believer of volunteering your time and giving back to people that are less fortunate than you are. While it may be easier to just donate to the various deserving causes out there, volunteering is so much more than that because you are giving the gift of your time and talents.

I have been a volunteer all my life, I really enjoy volunteering and get great joy in being able to make even one person’s day a better one. For the past five years I have been blessed to volunteer at my local hospital and had the chance to meet some amazing volunteers. While all of them are amazing there is one volunteer that sticks out in my mind. J is a volunteer in the Emergency Department and he goes out of his way to ensure that every single patient or visitor that enters through the doors is well taken care of. Going to the Emergency under any situation can be very stressful and scary, but J does his best to make sure that everything runs smoothly for them. He even has brought in colouring sheets and crayons for the young kids who are stuck in the waiting room because there really is nothing for them to do while they have that scary wait.

Carolina Pad who has been featured on The Giveaway Diva in the past, has teamed up with in order to make National Volunteer Week special for all the volunteers out there who do the dirty work and don’t get the recognition that they truly deserve.

VolunteerSpot is a free online resource for volunteers that can help organize volunteer events and make it much more easy to coordinate and communicate with the other volunteers. By providing free online signup sheets, VolunteerSpot makes it that much more easier for anyone to schedule and coordinate volunteers. This means you can say good bye to pesky emails or clipboard signup systems.

Carolina Pad in conjunction with VolunteerSpot are going to host an amazing giveaway where you can win a gift certicate and your favourite volunteer and up to 20 notebooks for the volunteer organization that you volunteer for. To enter you simply have to tell them why your special volunteer is the best and why they deserve to win!

So head on over here to enter!

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