Monday, April 25, 2011

The Pampered Mom Event: Pearl Paradise Review

When it comes to Mother Day gifts I always find myself wondering what to get. I put a lot of time and effort into thinking of the best gift because let's face it your mother is the most important women in your life. The perfect gift for a mother would be something classic, something that she can wear no matter what her outfit may be and that perfect something would be pearls!

Pearl Paradise is the leading online retailer of everything pearls! They have an extensive selection of luscious pearl necklace with a large variety of pearl sizes as well as types. Many people may know about freshwater pearls but Pearl Paradise actually has an extensive collection of exotic pearls such as Golden South Sea, Akoya and Tahitian Pearls!

Pearl Paradise carries one of the largest inventories of fine pearl jewelry available anywhere in the world. Their 1,400 cubic-foot vault contains more than 1 million, akoya, freshwater, Tahitian, South Sea and exotic natural pearls. They have pearl jewelry to fit every budget, from a $19 pair of pearl earrings to a $100,000 strand of South Sea pearls. That is what I love about Pearl Paradise the fact that they make pearls so affordable!

Pearl Paradise offers a great selection of pearl necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets and I drooled over all of their amazing jewelry. They have the classics but they also have more trendy pearl jewelry as well.

Pearl Paradise also has amazing customer service with a great 90 day money back guarantee that will ensure that you are completely satisfied with your offer. I love the fact that they offer this because I know too well the feeling of buyers remorse, and when you are buying such a high ticket item you want to be sure of your purchase.

My Review:

I was so excited when Pearl Paradise offered to sponsor a review on my blog because I just love pearls!

The necklace comes with a great care package that includes a certified appraisal to how much the item is worth that is prepared by a GIA graduate. It also comes with instructions and a great pearl care kit to ensure that your pearls will last a lifetime.

I love that the presentation was so very elegant! The necklace arrived in a great black leather case that had a soft velvet inside which is a perfect place to store your pearls when not in use. Since pearls can be scratched it is important to keep them safe in order to ensure that they keep their natural luster.

It took me a while to decide upon what to review from their Freshwater Pearls collection. At first I was thinking that I should go with the classic white strand but then upon looking at all of their colour choices the Lavender colour totally spoke to me.

I finally ended up choosing to review the 7.5-8.0 mm natural Lavender Freshwater Pearl Necklace in an 18 inch length. Because lavender pearls are just so girly and romantic!

This superb 18 inch strand is made up of 7.5 - 8.0 mm natural Lavender Freshwater Pearls. They boast exceptional luster and warm iridescence that will compliment all skin tones. I think Lavender Pearls are so exceptional because they are so different from the classic white pearls. The lavender colour is so rich and it really glows.

These high-quality AAA freshwater pearls have been individually knotted on twin silk and finished with your choice of either a polished 14-Karat white or yellow gold clasp and can be purchased at Pearl Paradise for $122.00. The actual retail value of this necklace is $610.00!!

I love the way that this necklace looks on and the fact that it can be worn with anything and everything! Nothing is more elegant than a great pearl necklace. I have worn it to work, birthdays and even casually to dress up a t-shirt and jeans. I can really feel the quality of the pearls by their weight and I'm glad that I went with the 18 inch option.

If you love Pearl Paradise as much as I do you'll be so glad to know that one lucky person will win a necklace as well!


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ooh what a great Mother's Day gift Idea! Nice post

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Leslie Newton said...

wonderful pearl necklace and bracelets, great jewelry box as well makes a nice presentation.