Monday, April 11, 2011

The Pawn: Book Review

I have had the chance to get into a great new thriller series written by Steven James. The Pawn is the first novel in the series. Here is the information from the back of the book:

Patrick Bowers specializes in tracking down the killers who elude the FBI’s best forensic investigators. As an environmental criminologist, Bowers employs twenty-first-century geospatial technology to analyze the time and space in which a crime takes place. Using an array of factors, Bowers can pinpoint, with surprising accuracy, the important clues that lead to solving the toughest of cases.

Bower’s impressive skills have made him one of the Bureau’s top agents. Until now. Called to the mountains of North Carolina to consult on a gruesome murder, Bowers finds himself caught in a deadly duel with a serial killer who seems to transcend Pat’s analytical powers. Forced to track the killer’s horrific string of murders one by one, Bowers finds his techniques and instincts put to the ultimate—and perhaps final—test.

My Review

This was seriously one of the most riveting books that I have read in a while. I seriously could not put down the book and had to read it in one sitting. I really liked the attention to detail that James put into the novel and it evokes a great comparison to a James Patterson thriller.

The characters were so well defined and the definitely had a well developed character. My favorite character by far was Tessa who is Patrick's step-daughter. I love that she is such a strong and highly intelligent young girl. The fact that they have a messy relationship, one that is strained from the death of Tessa's mother and Patrick's wife is highly rela to.

The main premise of The Pawn is that when corpses of young women start turning up near Asheville, N.C., Bowers is called in to aid in the investigation. The killer's MO is to tie a yellow ribbon in his victims' hair and leave a chess piece somewhere on the scene. Bowers begins to suspect that the governor of North Carolina, rumored to be the next Republican presidential contender, is somehow connected to the murders, and that a cult with links to Jonestown might also be involved. Making matters trickier, the special agent supervising Bowers turns out to be a longtime colleague with whom Bowers has some bad blood.

I love how this book made you really think and it was totally edge of your seat suspense. The way that James concludes the novel is amazing. Once I read this book I couldn't wait to start on the next one!

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