Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Olivia Collins Designs Review

Spring is a time for fresh starts and for renewal and wanting to take full advantage of the wonderful feeling that something new brings I decided that it was time for a big change.

If you are a long time reader or have visited my site in the past you will notice that The Giveaway Diva has undergone a great new make-over! I have had the same blog design for the longest time and I decided that it was time to change things up and take on a more streamlined and classic look. So in order to do this I enlisted the services of the talented Olivia who runs Olivia Collins Designs

Olivia offers a great and comprehensive blog design and will work closely with you in order to ensure that your blog is tailored to fit your vision and theme. A comprehensive blog package is only $70 and it includes all of the following:

  • custom Blogger template and layout, including background
  • custom header or logo as header
  • custom blog button
  • linked or image-linked menu bar (unlimited links) in header area or sidebar
  • custom favicon
  • custom post divider OR signature (optional)
  • custom footer (copyright, etc) OR "older posts" image (optional)
  • specialty fonts on post titles (optional)
  • setup and arrangement of widgets (followers, archive, etc)
  • search bar
  • email subscription box

If you already have the perfect blog setup but need just a few tweeks Olivia also offers a great option of a la carte items that can be purchased separately.The prices are so reasonable and she does an amazing job! I would even take a leap of faith and get her Surprise Design which is a much cheaper option at $35 and it's basically a design that she surprises you with. While it may not be as comprehensive as her custom blog design you still will have a say in what your blog looks like.

Olivia was sooo easy to deal with I told her what I wanted and what concept I was thinking of and left the rest up to her. I was so impressed at the speed in which she designed everything in fact it was done in under a day!!

As you can tell from my blog I wanted a more streamlined effect and Olivia delivered! I really enjoy the fact that each of my posts have custom header as well as a signature.

You can check out other blogs that she has designed for including: Bella Vita, sewNAmber, Sydney B and so many other great blogs! Check out her great portfolio here!

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