Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Heart You Vancouver

No doubt most of you have either heard, read or even seen the destruction that occured last night by riots that was held in Downtown Vancouver last night after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup. I'm totally saddened by the fact that a few people who decided that they would cause destruction and mayhem no matter what the outcome of the game would be, have given Vancouver a bad name.

Their actions have turned what was supposed to be a happy, family friendly event into one of terror and violence. But I want to focus on the good that exists in Vancouver, because the idiots of the riots truly deserve not to be mentioned at all.

There were countless of good Samaritans who took a stand, even when they faced terrifying situations to stand up for not only what was right but for the rest of Vancouver who did not condone this type of behavior. Just like this women in the picture above who shamed the crowd of rioters into backing away from breaking into Holt Renfrew. I also viewed so many videos of people stepping into the action and trying to break up all the destruction that was occurring.

And a Facebook page, Post Riot Clean-Up was set up that within hours had tens of thousands of people ready and willing to pull on some gloves and clean up our beloved city. Many strangers banded together in solidarity to show that Vancouverites were better than the events that transpired last night. Also more than 50,000 people have joined a Facebook Page that is intent on posting pictures of the individuals who caused destruction and identifying them in the hopes that they will get the justice they deserve.

It is the actions of the rest of Vancouver should be commended and focused upon, not those of the people who chose to cause destruction.

I hope that the poor actions of a few will not tarnish the warmth, kindness and spirit that is what Vancouver really is.

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