Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekly Giveaway Roundup-Submit Your Giveaways!

Hi everyone!

I know some of you have taken advantage of my "Submit your Giveaway" option that allowed for me to compile a list of giveaways that were occurring on other blogs but ever since my blog makeover that section has disappeared! Anyways I'm going to try something new in that every week I will have a post where you can link up your giveaways for everyone to enter!

Link your giveaways below! Just make sure to include the prize, and the date that the giveaway ends! Easy Peasy! Also for reference if you want to see other giveaways the posts will be listed under "Giveaway Roundup"

I will also still be posting giveaways and I will be glad to post your giveaway up for you if you send me an email to nicolemarielum @gmail.com or contact me through my contact page on the left =)

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