Friday, July 29, 2011

California Chic and Sexy Jewelry Reveiw

Summer time is finally here in Vancouver! It was such a long time coming that I had almost forgotten what the sun actually feels like. And to get into the swing of things what better way to celebrate the sun than with jewelry that evokes California?

Sonja is the designer behind California Chic and Sexy and she was once a California girl who is now living in the Chicago area. But just because you take the girl out of California doesn't mean that you can take the California out of the girl.

California Chic and Sexy is all about the custom pieces with a laid-back California flair to brighten up your day. Sonja focuses on great details using natural stones and materials. Each California Chic and Sexy piece is lovingly handmade and most of Sonja's creations are one-of-a-kind!

California Chic and Sexy is also having a great Christmas in July Sale is here! Join the "California Chic and Sexy" Facebook Fan Page and receive 15% OFF your order for a limited time!!!! Click here to join and get your discount code.

If you are already a Facebook Fan you always receive 5% OFF of all orders. During Sales, get an extra 5% OFF on top of the advertised 'Etsy' discount for being a Facebook Fan!!! Great Deal!

My Review:

Sonja was so kind to send me over three great pieces from California Chic and Sexy! Each piece came wrapped up in amazing gift wrap with brightly coloured bows. Nestled in each box, each piece was put in handy organza bags that are perfect for storing jewelry.

I was sent the Sonja's Signature Hoops these great earrings are Sonja's signature design, you can see many variations of these hoops in her shop. They inlclude tiny gold glass seed beads that are wound around gold plated copper wire. These earings are 2.5 inches and are perfect for both casual and fancier outfits. I think the best part is the crazy price of only $13.50

The second piece that I was sent was the Under A Dazzling Spell Hoops. These are a variation of Sonja's Signature Hoops but with an added dangling crystal. These are great hoops that function well no matter what you are wearing. They are also nice and light so they won't hurt your ears when you wear them. In fact it almost feels like you aren't wearing them at all!

Finally I was sent The Close to my (Soutwest) Heart This amazing necklace is a great statement piece with a giant turquoise teardrop which is the perfect piece of jewelry for the summer. The turquoise peice is large (1.5 inches long by 1-inch wide) deep aqua blue Turquoise teardrop that is wrapped in 14k Gold-filled wire on an 18 inch gold filed chain. I love that the chain is finished off with two turquoise chips.

If you love the amazing jewelry from California Chic and Sexy as much as I do you will be so glad to hear that there is a great giveaway coming up where you can win some of her pieces! Stay tuned for that!

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