Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Layla Copeland Review

If you read my blog on a regular basis you know that I love handbags almost as much as I love my jewelry. I love myself a great clutch that can transition from running day to day errands to being able to shine at night.

Layla Copeland is a great clutch designer that also specializes in prints and clothing but she is best known for her great handbags. She designs great clutches that while they have a simple and streamlined form pack a huge punch with the types of fabrics that she uses.

Her clutches are great for casual elegance and I love the fact that the bags are not too fancy that they will only last one season. They are timeless bags that adds bold stylings to any look.

I love the fact that Layla Copeland clutches are bright and bold! Layla is not afraid to inject colour and unique fabric patterns into her clutches and bags because she knows that is what will truly capture someone's eye.

Layla is so sweet to work with and she also can do custom designs and can even create a whole set of clutches that would work perfectly as bridesmaid's gifts!

My Review:

For my review Layla was so kind to send me over an amazing clutch from Layla Copeland in order to conduct an in depth review

I was sent the amazing Eva Clutch which has an amazing circular dot pattern that is in a bright pink yellow and red! This clutch is perfect to dress up a casual outfit or as a great compliment for more dressy clothing.

The inside of the bag has a great pink interior that nicely compliments the exterior of the bag. The bag is made up of 100% cotton material.

The bag's interior also features a great little pocket that is perfect to store your id or credit cards or even some cash.

I was surprised at just how much this clutch was able to carry! I was able to fit in a bunch of lip glosses including a bulky Kiehls and eos lip balm, my phone, earrings and other items as well. I guess this is due to the fact that this clutch can expand to 4"!

I love how the bag fits nicely in my hand or if I need to have my hands free it also can comfortably be tucked under your arm. The clutch is nice and light so that you don't have to feel like you are lugging around weights everytime you carry it.

If you love the great clutches from Layla Copeland as much as I do you will be happy to hear that we will be having a great giveaway of one of her clutches soon!


berry'n'cheese said...

Wow I am totally in love with the diversity of the colors used in her clutches. Truly beautiful;A perfect way to add a dash of rainbow to your dull wardrobe.And yeah I am eagerly waiting for the giveaway to take place.Would love to have this.I love colors a lot since I am an arts student too. Awesome stuff you post here lady.

Cheers :D

berry'n'cheese said...

P.s. I am tooooo a FAN OF BAGS!!! Anywhere I go,I don' look for garments but i drool over handbags ^_^


The Giveaway Diva said...

Awww thanks so much for you awesome and sweet comments! I love her bags too!

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous clutches!


Francesca | A Golden Hour said...

you could be interested in joining my giveaway! :)