Thursday, May 10, 2012

Billion Dollar Brows Giveaway

Eyebrows are so important because they frame your eyes and really make them pop! The trend in eyebrows (yes there are trends when it comes to eyebrows) that have been seen everywhere from the runway to the streets are girls with groomed yet very thick and bold eyebrows! No more of those skinny where are they brows, these brows make a statement much like the statement pieces that everyone is sporting.

Billion Dollar Brows is brow salon and they are located in the heart of Beverly Hills. They more than specialize in brows they actually live and breathe it! They provide a long list of beauty brow treatments such as tweezing, tinting, and perming.

Can't make it to their salon? Billion Dollar Brows has a large selection of brow related products that can help you achieve amazing looking brows!

The Brow Gel helps to tame any wayward brows and making sure they stay in place for a well groomed look. They also provide a long lasting glow that keeps them in place all day long. A great feature is that they guarantee that the gel will never flake because who wants crusty, flaky brows? Valued at $20.00

Problem with over-tweezing or are your brows not as full and as lush as you wish they could be? The Universal Brow Pencil ensures that there will be no more guessing games when it comes to an eye brow pencil that will perfectly blend into your eyebrow shade. In fact they are so great at blending in to most brow colors that out of the thousands of pens that they have sold, they have only had a 1% return rate! The pen is water resistant. Valued at $14.95

How can you have great brows without the perfect tools to achieve these brows? The BDB Tweezers are the exclusive tweezers of the BDB Salon. Since they tweeze thousands and thousands of brows the BDB team needs the best of the best and these tweezers are it! Made of stainless steel and specially coated these are guaranteed to grab every hair, every time! Valued at $20.00

The Giveaway:

Want amazing brows? How would you like to win every product that was featured in this post? That's right one lucky winner will win The Brow Gel Universal Brow Pencil and The BDB Tweezers! This prize is valued at $54.95! 

Please note that only residents of the United States can win this giveaway! I'm sorry to all my international readers but I have a ton of other giveaways coming up for everyone soon! 

This giveaway will end on June 12th! 

How to Enter:

Fill out the form below. If you are tweeting/commenting on Facebook/entering additional giveaways/etc more than once you can just leave a comment saying that you did instead of having to fill out the whole form again.

If you have trouble viewing the form you can also enter here!

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