Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Colby June Review

I am really digging nature inspired jewelry at the moment. There is something so fresh and almost magical about jewelry that looks like you picked it off the forest floor and dipped it in metal. Colby June is full of amazing pieces that look like they have been plucked off a tree branch and magically been transformed into jewelry.

Colby June is full of gorgeous rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets that all made by a variety of different metals including gold, bronze, and silver. Each piece is lovingly and 100% handcrafted and designed by Colby minus most of the chains used for necklaces. 

You can clearly see that Colby has been heavily influenced by the beauty of nature that surrounds us. I love that she totally gives back to the nature that inspires her and she truly is an eco-friendly designer. She is totally committed to operating as an artist that promotes any practice that will help sustain the envrionment and leave it beautiful for generations to come. All Colby June pieces are packed in boxes that are up to 70% PCR content and nestled in a non-dyed linen pouch. All materials that are printed comes from a certified green printer and all metals used in her pieces are obtained domestically which means that they have either been mined within the US or been recycled. 

Colby June has introduced an amazing new Coral Collection just in time for summer! Colby will be gradually introducing pieces from this collection into her shop so here is another reason to keep coming back to her shop to drool over her new designs. This is a great change from her popular and signature sticks and stones collection. The Coral Collection will focus on various textures and the inherent beauty that can be found on a single piece of coral. 

I am so looking forward to Colby June's next collection: Nest which will center on representations of these amazing homes built by birds. Currently each piece is one of a kind and built and sculpted out of wax. 

You can connect with Colby June through her Facebook Page, check out what she is up to on her blog and get up to the minute updates by following her through Twitter

My Review: 

Colby was so generous in offering me the opportunity to review one of her amazing pieces.

As you can see each piece comes lovingly packaged in a great gift box embossed with the Colby June logo. I love that her logo is classic and clean which so goes with her nature inspired pieces. 

I really appreciated that a care card was included with the jewelry with tips on how to ensure that your jewelry does not tarnish and to help you make the pieces last the test of time.

A lovely cotton drawstring bag ensures that the pieces do not tarnish and also handily acts as a place to store your jewelry when not in use 

I was so happy to be able to review the Silver Branch Twig Set from Colby June made entirely of sterling silver.

This amazing set comes with two different rings that truly compliment each other! The stacking trend is huge at the moment and I love that while these fully are on board with the stacking trend they are delicate and classic and will definitely outlast any trend. 

As you can see I have stacked these amazing rings with an eternity band so you can get a better picture of how a stack would look like. 

While amazing as a set these rings also look amazing apart just in case you want to wear them on different fingers. I love that Colby June's Rings are so delicate that you can have a huge finger stack party going on and it will still maintain it's classic sleek look. 

Again I can't help but marvel at the detail that has been put into these rings! You can't really see in the pictures but the thicker band has many markings to make it look like Colby June had literally cut off a chunk of tree and formed it into a ring before dipping it into silver. 

 These are seriously everyday rings that are very comfortable wear and will add a bit of natural whimsy to any outfit. All rings are available from size 5 all to way to size 9.5 which is great for girls like me who have small fingers that can't find rings to fit their fingers.

If you love Colby June as much as I do you'll be so glad to hear that there will be a giveaway! Look out for that soon!

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