Thursday, September 27, 2012

Eden Fantasys Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is coming! You can smell it in the air and you can start to see the shops start to carry more and more Halloween items! Last night a friend and I went shopping for Halloween costumes to get a head start. We decided upon either going as a French Maid or as French Maid. While we were looking at the costumes  I realized that there was such a huge selection but most stores had the exact same costumes meaning that many people would be wearing the same.

So I turned to Eden Fantasys and was very happy with the extensive costume collection that they have on their site! I have many many costumes from Eden Fantasys and I am always so happy with the costume selection that they do have. They have a whole bunch of new costumes that have just arrived and I am drooling over so many of them! Seriously love that Eden Fantasys offers free shipping if you order over $35 and they also throw in a bunch of great goodies as well!

Here are my faves:

Check out the amazing costumes that are offered by Eden Fantasys!

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