Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Luxe Design Jewelry Review

I love personalized jewelry but often it's hard to find really unique jewelry that is simple yet effective. That's why I have totally fallen in love with the amazing personalized designs of Luxe Design! I also love the fact that it is a company from my hometown of Vancouver! I love supporting local talent and Joanne the designer behind Luxe Design has such a great eye!

I love that each piece is hand-stamped with you in mind! My sister has a really unique way of spelling her name and it's totally impossible to find anything personalized with her name on it! That's why I love Luxe Design because each piece is made for you so each piece is totally one of a kind and made just for you! 

There are two different options that you can choose for your Luxe Design piece, you can either go full on out with personalization and that means that you would build your piece from scratch. You can choose the chain, the chain length, the type of metal, the charms, the extra dangles! Seriously the possibilities are endless and you can make so many different combinations! I love this option because it truly allows for your story and for your personality to really shine through! You can choose what is most important to you and hang it around your neck. 

The second option is to choose from one of Luxe Design many finished personalized necklaces or bracelets and simply personalize the piece with the words or names of your choosing. This is a great idea for people who are super indecisive like myself! Because seriously if I had to personalize a necklace from scratch it would take me forever to decide on what I would really like! 

I love that each Luxe Design necklaces, earrings and bracelet is made of the finest materials! Joanne only uses gold and  silver! The normal turnaround for a Luxe Design piece is usually within 10 days! It takes some time to make things perfect but if all the components are in stock Luxe Design can even complete your order within one day! I also love the fact that if they can't complete your order in full they are very flexible and offer you the opportunity to either cancel or change your order.

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My Review:

Each  Luxe Design  piece comes giftwrapped in a gift box with the Luxe Design logo embossed on the cover of it. I love the fact that the piece comes in a gift box because it makes for easy gift giving and it is also a great place to store your jewelry when not in use. 

I was sent this amazing personalized charm that consisted of the amazing Sterling Silver Poppy Charm and the Sterling Silver Personalized Angel Wing

The Sterling Silver Poppy Charm is priced at $19 and the Sterling Silver Personalized Angel Wing is priced at $32

I decided to get my name engraved on the Angel Wing charm but you can also include another person's name, the name of your pet or even a special date that holds significant meaning to you! The personalization options are endless! 

I really love how this necklace turned out! It's really beautiful and great for layering with other necklaces! I have gotten so many awesome comments on this necklace!

If you love Luxe Design jewelry as much as I do you will be so happy to hear that I will be having an amazing giveaway soon! So look out for that!


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