Sunday, March 24, 2013

Danique Jewelry Review

I love refined jewelry that not only is classic but can also create a statement. That is why I'm so in love with Danique Jewelry based on the amazing use of gemstones as well as the incorporation of small details that can be customized to make your piece one of kind.

I love the look of gemstones and Irina the designer behind Danique Jewelry only uses the best quality materials and you can tell by looking at her jewelry. Irina uses stunning gemstones that are made even more beautiful by the settings that they are placed in. All Danique Jewelry is made with either gold or sterling silver so that they will last much longer and be more resistant to being tarnished and the general wear and tear of everyday life.

Danique Jewelry has a great selection of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets that feature eye catching gemstones and also features many great personalized jewelry as well! 

Danique Jewelry has many exceptional pieces at really affordable pricing! Nothing in her shop is over $140 and I love that the majority of the amazing pieces in her shop can be yours for under $50! I love that everything is so affordable so that you can buy some amazing bridesmaids gifts and not have to spend an arm and a leg!

You can tell just how popular Danique Jewelry is because Irina has only been selling on Etsy for a year and she has already sold more than 1000 pieces! Some shops have been open for much longer and have yet to see the 1000th sale so you know that Danique Jewelry has something that keeps people coming back!

If you love Danique Jewelry head you will be happy to get an exclusive 10% discount off any piece by becoming a Facebook Fan! You can also keep updated on special sales and giveaways by following Irina on Twitter!

My Review:

Each Danique Jewelry piece comes presented in a lovely red giftbox that is finished off with a silver bow

I love the fact that the gift boxes make it easier for gift giving because you do not have to worry about finding another box to put the jewelry in or having to even wrap it! I love that so much care was put into making such a great impression.

I was very happy to try something from the Personalized Necklace Collection and this is the perfect example of how easy it is to get something unique and totally one of a kind! Although for me it was quite difficult....but only because it took me so long to figure out just how I wanted my necklace to be personalized! There are way too many options!

The Personalized Large Green Amethyst Vermeil Gold Bezel Set Flower Charm Necklace - Inital Hand Stamped is priced at $63.11 and is so worth it considering just how ginormous the gemstone was! It is truly such a stunning gemstone and you can't tell but it shines so much in the light!

Your options are truly limitless because not only can you choose between 17 different luscious gemstones and 20 different charm additions and a round initial charm but you can choose between either sterling silver or vermeil gold which is 14K gold filled. Or you can totally go with the hot new trend in jewelry and mix up the metals! 

I love that this necklace is fully adjustable between 16 to 18 inches which is perfect if you want the layered necklace look or if you are wearing different necklines. 

The second amazing piece that was sent by Danique Jewelry is the amazing Sideways Sterling Silver Cross Necklace

The Sideways Sterling Silver Cross Necklace is such a great necklace that has been seen on so many celebs and it's easy to see why since it is the perfect necklace for layering! 

The Sideways Sterling Silver Cross Necklace is priced at $28.99 and it made with a sterling silver cross that is on a sterling silver chain. 

This necklaces is 16 inches at length but the great thing is that if you wanted it to be a teeny tad bit longer you can ask Irina to make it 18 inches instead! Irina is so great and she is more than willing to make the necessary adjustments to ensure that you will be happy! 

See how great these necklaces look layered together? Love the look of the mixed metals and the fact that they are at different lengths!

If you love the amazing jewelry from Danique Jewelry you will be so happy to hear that there will be an amazing giveaway coming up soon! So keep posted where you can win an amazing piece from Danique Jewelry!

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