Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dualshine Jewelry Review!

As much as I love jewelry sometimes it's hard to feed the addiction! There are so many great pieces out there but the prices often seem hard to swallow. That's why I am so happy when Dualshine, a great jewelry company contacted me and asked me if I was interested in working with them!

Dualshine is a company that focuses on not only being a global online wholesaler but they are also a retailer as well. That means that if you are a shop that is interested in selling jewelry you can go to them to find a huge and I mean huge selection of great trendy jewelry at great prices. If you are a lover of jewelry like me and want to purchase a piece you can do that as well!

Dualshine has a great selection of jewelry including: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, jewelry sets, body jewelry, anklets, hair jewelry and so much more! There are literally thousands and thousands of pieces and they bring in new product and designs everyday!

There are so many great styles and trends! No matter if you like classic, girly, rock and roll, neon, bold there are so many different styles and looks to suit everybody!

I love that many of their products are so affordable and you can get free shipping with every retail order of over $18!!! You can easily hit $18 because there are so many great selection with cheap prices! You can totally go all out and not have to suffer shopper's regret after!

My Review:

The lovely people over at Dualshine were so kind to send over two lovely pieces for me to review. It literally took me hours to pour over the amazing and massive selection and I couldn't make up my mind because I was sooooo torn over so many different things! But finally after a lot of deliberation I finally settled on the following two pieces:

The first amazing piece is the Fashion Long Flowers Necklace

This is the perfect necklace because it's long enough that you can loop it twice around your neck and achieve different looks by changing up the length! I also was able to loop it around my wrist so that it was a bracelet! It's the perfect summer layering necklace because I love the whimsical flower stations!

They also offer it in a lovely red option but I loved the white because I thought that it was more versatile! I love the enameled look of the flowers and this truly completes my outfit! 

The second piece that I got to review was the 925 Sterling Silver Fashion Stud Earrings

These earrings are the classic diamond looking studs that go well with any outfit!!! You can't see how shiny they are but under the light they dance with so much fire and light! 

 It's quite a decent size and it really packs a punch! I found myself reaching for these every morning since I got them since they are so easy and pretty to wear!!!

The retail price of these are $10.56 for the pair but if you buy in bulk the wholesale price is only $4.80 a pair!

I love that these are made with real sterling silver so that it will not rust and cause irritation if most jewelry make you itch. It also features two large czs!

The Giveaway: 

Love the amazing pieces from Dualshine as much as I do?? Well you are in luck because three lucky The Giveaway Diva readers will get a chance to win some amazing jewels!!!

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