Monday, July 1, 2013

Talulah Lee Review

Yay it finally feels like summer! It's soooooo hot! And with summer comes all the great clothes that come with the hot weather. If you are looking for a great way to accessorize that awesome maxi dress or that neon bikini, Talulah Lee has so many great pieces that will be your next summer staple!

Talulah Lee is features great jewelry all the way from Sweden and each piece is lovingly created with attention to detail by Talulah Lee's designer Melissa!

Talulah Lee features many different jewelry with many different styles. You can find amazing charms, bracelets, necklaces and earrings in many different styles to go with any outfit. You can find delicate everyday pieces that will be great for daytime wear but if bold is how you like to roll there are so many great statement pieces that will set you apart from the crowd!

 Talulah Lee features jewelry that have the best metals and gemstones and beads. Each  Talulah Lee piece incorporates such things as sterling silver, gold, crystals, and gemstones!

 Talulah Lee and Melissa both have such great feedback and you should check out her Testimonial Page to see all of the great reviews and to read about just how happy her clients have been with not only the Talulah Lee Jewlery but from the great service that they recieved from Melissa!

If you want to find out more about Talulah Lee and Melissa check out her Blog and like her on Facebook for great giveaways, sales and discounts! Also check out the Talulah Lee Etsy Shop for even more goodies!

You also get a great discount if this is your first purchase! All first time customers get 10% off their purchase if they use the coupon code: 10PERCENT and of course you can get free shipping with every order over $325 kr or $50 USD! Such great deals!

My Review: 

Melissa was so kind to send me over three lovely pieces from Talulah Lee!

Each Talulah Lee piece is lovingly gift wrapped in a great embossed gift box artfully tied with twine.

Love the little heart detail on the bottom of the box!!! You can totally tell Melissa is all about the details no matter how small they may be. 

First up is the Silver Cluster Bracelet on Emerald Green Leather Cord. Love the green and how it just seems to pop!

Next up we have the amazing Silver Cluster Bracelet on Salmon Pink Leather Cord. Just love the name of this bracelet! Salmon Pink sounds so pretty! (This can also be worn as a necklace!!)

Finally the last bracelet that was sent to me is the Silver Cluster on Muave Leather. Love the fact that this bracelet is so neutral so it goes with totally everything!

These three lovely pieces are from Talulah Lee's Cluster Bracelet - Nugget collection! 

I just love how much these colours just go so well together! You have the bright pops of colour that is offset by the neutral tone of the last bracelet.

If you are a girl who just loves the yellow gold don't worry! Talulah Lee also offers these Nugget Cluster Bracelets in a large variety of other metal colours as well! There's Bronze, Gold, the Silver which I reviewed and the breathtakingly beautiful Rose Gold!

And with multiple leather cord colours the possibilities are endless! You can really find a great piece that has your favorite metal colour on you favorite coloured leather cord! 

Each piece also is finished with a bright silver button clasp.

Another thing that I totally love is that each bracelet is adjustable to fit wrists of 6, 7 or 8 inches! I have had a huge problem in the past with bracelets being able to fit me because they are always so large so I love that Talulah Lee has the option to cut off the excess leather cord to ensure that you will get the perfect fit! 

Here are some shots of  Talulah Lee in action! Look at how great the bracelets look alone and stacked together!

And here are some shots of more great Nugget Cluster Bracelets from the website:

Love  Talulah Lee as much as I do??? Well if you do you will be so happy to hear that there will be a great giveaway soon featuring the amazing jewelry of  Talulah Lee! Check back soon to enter!!!

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Very pretty jewelry! Are these handmade?