Thursday, November 13, 2008

How to Contact Me

I love the thrill of winning a giveaway and I love to share that amazing feeling by also providing my readers with the the best products on the marketplace. If you would like to request a review or sponsor a giveaway, I would love to work with you.


How it works:

All giveaways will run for a minimum of two weeks. I will promote your giveaway at other various contest sites. A product sample will allow me to provide a more comprehensive review of your site, but is not necessary.

The giveaway will be tailored to your needs and to best maximize traffic to your website or shop. All participants will be required to visit your site, as well as other steps you may deem necessary. Once the winner is selected, I will email you their contact info allowing you to make arrangements with them to distribute their prize.

If this sounds like a great idea to you I would love to work with you!

To sponsor a giveaway:

*Send a link and a brief description of your website to nicolemarielum(at) so I can explore a bit, and let me know what you would like to giveaway and we can work from there!


I simply love doing reviews and testing out amazing new products that I can later on pass to my reader

How it works:

All reviews will be done by myself and I will ensure that they are tested for about a week in order to get the most honest review. I will refer to other people in order to also get their opinion upon the product. The review post will be written up and sent to the sponsor in order to ensure that they will be happy with the post. All items that are reviewed will be kept by me, unless otherwise specified. If you are doing a review and giveaway, you have the option to have the review posted up a week before the giveaway so that there will be more exposure to your product. The review will then be included within the giveaway post.

I look forward to trying out your amazing products and sharing them with my readers!!

Here are some comments from sponsors that I have worked with in the past:

"We love you! Seriously, that is the best review I've seen since I started working with bloggers! Thank you so much. We're definitely looking forward to reading your giveaway as well. "
-Nicole, Rep of Eden Fantasys

Thank you so much for hosting the giveaway, it was an absolute pleasure! Very friendly communication and prompt with replies. Also uber flexible and easy to work with.Would be more than willing to do another giveaway with you in the future!"

-Boojiboo, sponsor of the Boojiboo Apron Giveaway

"It was very nice to work with you! You are very kind and friendly! Your giveaway led a lot of traffic to my blog (: It sure helped my exposure and sales!"

-Galit Barak, sponsor of the Valentine Special Heart Necklace Giveaway

"You are a wonderful person to deal with! Kind, polite and friendly. The extra exposure to my website was great, it is very hard to bring traffic to the site without spending thousands of dollars."

-Lori, sponsor of the 3 Dirty Dawgz Giveaway

"Thank you again so much for the giveaway. I received the collar today and it looks fabulous! I have attached a picture of my pooch, Obi Kenobi (aka Obi) wearing the collar. He was a bit camera shy, but I think he looks like he is striking a pose in the picture! I will definitely be visiting your sites again soon. Thanks!"

- Danetta, Winner of the 3 Dirty Dawgz Giveaway

"And thank you so much for hosting these giveaways. They are very fun. Not only do I meet new friends on line but discover so many new artists and products. Then to win something lovely like this is just awesome!"

-Cathy H, Winner of the Lara Lewis Audrey Earrings

What was your experience in dealing with me?
"Completely wonderful! This was a great experience...Nicole made it so easy for me (and that's saying something because I am not in the least technically minded) and was very professional."

What did you like about my giveaway:
" it okay that I felt a wee bit like a movie star? ;) Haha, no really it was a lot of fun having that exposure and having people visit my shop that otherwise would not have known about me."

Things I could improve:
"I can't think of a thing!"

Do you feel my giveaway added exposure to your shop? Did you sell anything from my referrals?
"Absolutely! I noticed traffic increased on my blog and shop, and I'm pretty sure some of those sales were from referrals."

Additional Comments (To include in my blog for testimonials):
"If Nicole contacts you to include your shop in a giveaway on her page, count yourself fortunate and say yes! It's a wonderful experience and great exposure! :)"

-Lara Lewis, Sponsor of Lara Lewis Audrey Earrings

"Thank you so much for inviting me to participate in your giveaway! I feel as though your promotion was far reaching and I received many views (etsy and blog) and wonderful notes about my work. I'm thankful to all who entered and The Give Away Diva for spreading the word about my journals!"

-Derrick, Sponsor of the Disconsolator Giveaway

"Sponsoring a giveaway on Nicole's blog was so fun and easy! She was incredibly professional and made it a very pleasant experience. I would definitely sponsor a giveaway here again. She's hosted some other really awesome giveaways, and I look forward to entering some myself!"

-Kristin Friesen, Sponsor of {sweeter than me} designs giveaway


MrsDealFinder said...

Thanks for the shout! The giveaway ends 11/23!

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I referred you on Fantabulously Frugal! Amazing Giveaway. :)

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Love the giveaway's!

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I have opened up linkies on Just to let you know. Thank You.